Weekend Wake Up : Thirteen by Ben Kweller


Ben Kweller : Thirteen

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Weekend Wake Up : Digging Shelters by Neil Halstead


Neil Halstead : Digging Shelters

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Friday Double Play : The Presidents of the United States of America


The Presidents of the United States of America : Peaches & Lump

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What if Donald Trump Lost but Told People He Won?


On the eve of the swearing in of the 45th President of The United States of America we take a closer look at the possibility of a Trump defeat not acknowledged.

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My Harrowing Journey to Getting a License : Part Two

When last we checked in with our protagonist he had just been ushered into the depths of an old decrepit estate that time had forgotten.  Lost with only the sole guidance of his creepily mysterious driving instructor they were now in a garage with no escape in sight.  Our story continues….

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I Had A Dream

In honor of the amazing Martin Luther King Jr. and his increadibly prophetic “I Have a Dream” speech, I decided to take a look at one of the more interesting and dare I say revolutionary dreams I have had in some time.

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Monday Cover : There is A Light That Never Goes Out performed by Braid

Braid: There is A Light That Never Goes Out (originally by The Smiths)

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Welcome Back!!!

I know you missed us during our brief Holiday hiatus here at American Appetite. While you have been busy returning that hideous sweater Aunt Loraine bought you, and breaking your week old resolutions we have been busy behind the scenes getting geared up for what we hope to be a truly transcendent year.

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