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Hey A Guys Guide to Wooing Your Lover: The Two Beer Risotto


People always ask me how I am so dynamite with the ladies.  Well actually no one asks me that.  What they do ask me, particularly my coming of age adult friends, how do I cook a special dinner for my significant other?  Well here is my fool proof way to woo that special someone making a restaurant quality dish that is sure to spice up with your night.  I like to call this two beer risotto, because who needs to cook without drinking after all.

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Jesus: The World’s First Marketing Guru

Photo Apr 14, 5 06 36 PM

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My Life as a Child Capitalist : Sports Cards for Sale


What happens when an industrious youth with a backlog of Sports Illustrated For Kids needs to make some extra coinage on the down low?  Well a perfect black market of trading cards get established that’s what.

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De-Bunking Sandwich Myths at Bunk


The east coast invasion has finally begun for a hoard of panini press pirates making birth from the Beaver State.  Portland Oregon institution has set up shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, letting New Yorker’s know all about what slinging sammies from the west coast entails.

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Top 50 Emo Songs of My Generation


These types of lists are highly debatable so I’ll throw out the caveat already that these are just my choices, some have special meaning to me or merely really rock.  I grew up in what became known as the Third Wave of Emo, from the mid 90’s to late 00’s, so if you are craving some Modern Baseball or American Football or any other sporting band they just aren’t in this time period. Also each band is only allowed to be on the list once, or else this would probably turn into a top 5 songs from 10 bands list.  Without further ado….

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Putting a Face on the Immigration Ban


Today walking around the streets of Brooklyn I was truly inspired by all the businesses that were closed.  It is very important that you stand for what you believe in and while I try to keep politics out of American Appetite, this is one topic that I believe should be paramount to everyone.  We were all immigrants at one time after all,  well unless you are Native American, in that case you were here and then slaughtered by immigrants, so maybe you are the only people who have a case for an immigrant ban.

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Social Media Creating a New Type of Stalker


With continued technological innovation a lot of our lives have been transferred online.  Through an ever expanding aggregation of apps, websites, and widgets so much of daily life can be accessed, viewed, and updated from anywhere with strong enough WiFi.  However, much like  John Hammond’s Jurassic vision, these great ideas can often be accompanied by some fiendish fruit.

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A Romantic Date with a Sociopath


With it being Valentine’s Day, a time for lovers and selfless gestures of love and romance, what better time than now to take a look at how some of those romantic overtures can fall as flat as pre 6th century global geography. Cases like that tend to pop up when you figure out that bed mate of yours might just be a sociopath.

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Weekly Wrap Up : Going Forward


Hey folks, it’s been a while.

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What if Donald Trump Lost but Told People He Won?


On the eve of the swearing in of the 45th President of The United States of America we take a closer look at the possibility of a Trump defeat not acknowledged.

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