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Wednesday Live: Her Eyes Dart Round by The Felice Brothers

The Felice Brothers : Her Eyes Dart Round

Greg Farley, Ian Felice, James Felice, New Paltz, Christmas

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Wednesday Live: Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio: Wolf Like Me

Nothing like a little TV on the Radio on TV to get you through your mid week struggles.  The soulful Brooklyn rockers take their high rocking energy to The Letterman Show and discharge  their bombastic tune to the millions of viewers at home.  At certain points in the song when lead singer Tunde Adebimpe rears back his head and belts out his lyrics of transformation he embodies the carnivorous canine that is the songs name sake, howling out every punctuated line.

Wednesday Live: If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You by Pup

Pup: If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You

These Canadian punks bring tons of energy and excitement to a tale of how constant close contact for months on end can cause a little friction within a group.  After coming out with a new record Pup had spent almost 2 years on the road touring continuously.  Lone drives in small vans made for tense times after a while.  Combining with medical issues with front man Stefan Babcock’s voice, almost rendering him mute, caused a tense situation to spiral into so much more.  Thankfully the fellas in Pup used their experience as background for what is a brow beating punk ode to when someone just gets on your nerves and you just can’t shake it.

Wednesday Live: Redbird by Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine: Redbird

This powerful performance of one of Kevin Devin’s most musically spastic songs is a perfect representation of what to expect from him live.  Engaging in the small eaves of gentleness he lures you in only to blow you away seconds later with a passionate explosion of energy and emotion.  Every song he sings sounds like a complete baring of his soul and conscience and this is a sterling example of that.

Here is a little bonus clip from one of the best shows I have ever seen him play.  This is from Kevin’s 10 Year Anniversary show from Webster Hall.  Playing 3 separate sets he spent a whole night captivating a packed house.  Here is his charged up version of Noose Dressed Like a Necklace from his second album Make The Clocks Move.  This is another great representation of what a Kevin Devine show is all about.  A vivacity of spirit captivates the crowd, while a small hiccup almost choking on a piece of gums sheds a light on the humor and wit you can expect from Kevin from his in between song banter.  Also if you take a look there may be an American Appetite Easter Egg if you pay close attention.


Wednesday Live: Black Chandelier by Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro: Black Chandelier

The sweaty shirtless Scottish trio brings the heat with the live rendition of their bruising tale of a pending break up.  There is something hanging over their heads in the terms of doubt and lies and it is becoming unavoidable to the point that it is the last night together.  Sung so sweetly this tale of dissolution gains so much more vulnerability and power from the live energy from the crowd.  Strangely enough the flow of the song is a perfect song to strut around when trying to work through some thoughts on a cold an rainy night, try it.  I’ve found myself roaming around lower Manhattan with just this song on repeat.

Wednesday Live: Waste A Moment by Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon: Waste A Moment

Coming out firing on all cylinders the Followill boys start off their new album Walls with a huge bang with the first single Waste A Moment.  After a few albums with a more country leaning twinge, the Kings rediscover the grove with a pop rock jam that sounds like an updated Only by the Night cut.  In classic lyrical Kings of Leon fashion they somehow are able to coin an apt new slogan: “take the time to waste a moment“, giving perspective for a life that is often spent crazed in this rat race we call life.  Always one to kill it live, aside from either being drunk or yelling at their fans, they give a grand performance, reasserting their place as one of the preeminent rock bands of this generation.


Wednesday Live: Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

Radiohead: Fake Plastic Trees

For those of you who have been paying attention to the new HBO show Westworld, you might have noticed some recognizable songs coming on the player piano in the background of scenes.  Most notably for me was when this Radiohead quintessential jam served as the bed for a key interaction for a scene involving madame Thandie Newton.  For weeks I haven’t been able to get the song out of my head and I didn’t realize that it was my subconscious from that episode until I re-watched it last evening.  A beautiful song about authenticity in a show that depicts fake figure interactions with people, hmm it is almost as if there is a deeper meaning to having the song in the show.

Wednesday Live: Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA

It is quite apt that a song most people confuse for American pride and prosperity is actually a song critical of life in America in the 60’s and 70’s.  Ronald Reagan was famous for invoking the famous Bruce song as a campaign rallying cry, unaware of the anti war and failing economic themes that run rampant through the song.  On such a controversial day in America take some time to have a listen and ponder the internal struggle Bruce and people have balancing national pride with national shame, I have a feeling there is a lot of the latter going on today.

Wednesday Live: American Hearts by Piebald

Piebald: American Hearts

Those indie bad boys from Andover, Mass killed it in what was supposed to be their final show of all time, they have since reunited many times over.  I drove all the way from western New York to be in attendance for one of the most influential Boston indie bands of the late 00’s last night on stage.  Live from the Middle East Downstairs in Central Square, Cambridge, MA the club was raging the entire set.  From the second they stepped on stage with their driving King of the Road the energy and singing never let up.  By the time Piebald made it to the last song of the night the crowd was ready to explode and that’s just what happened when the lead singer Travis gave away his guitar duties grabbed the mic and hopped into the crowd.  Family and friends flooded the stage and the band became one with the fans truly embodying the words of their most prominent song. This might not be the best quality performance but from perspective of someone who was there, it is a perfect culmination to what at that point was one hell of a career.  After all they said it best “Hey You’re Part of It!

Wednesday Live: Holding on to You by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots: Holding on to You

With the recent craze of their hits Ride and Heathens which was propelled as the main hit from the super villain flick Suicide Squad soundtrack, I figured I would harken back a few years ago to one of my favorite live performances.  Despite being situated in a recording studio the duo that form Twenty One Pilots give so much energy and vibrance to the punishing transformative hit Holding on to You.  My particular favorite part of the song/performance is the drum break down towards the end when the beat ramps up just before the crescendo.  You could see it all these years ago that their energy and talent would propel them to the moon.