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Music of the Moment: Spring Blooms in New Music

Photo Apr 11, 2 12 23 PM

Spring has sprung, possibly even giving way to an early summer (80 degrees on Easter?!?!?!).  With the changes of the season come life, rebirth, new hope (beyond Luke Skywalker), and often enough an onslaught of new music.  Trying to tantalize our auditory taste buds, artists will start releasing a song salvo here and there to get listeners excited for new material that they can hear during the summer festival season.  With that in mind let’s take a look at some artists new and old who have peaked my interest with some amazing new music.

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Tuesday New Music: Nothing Feels Natural by PRIESTS

PRIESTS : Nothing Feels Natural

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Tuesday New Music: Rooting For You by London Grammar

London Grammar : Rooting For You

How long does the wave last when you release a smash debut album?  Well for London Grammar it was a long four years since their burst onto the scene with their rookie offering in 2013.  The first released single off their sophomore album is a deep and haunting ballad of the trials of finding your balance in a relationship.   Hopefully the band has found the balance they need to produce another hit album in 2017, we will all be rooting for them.

2016 In Review: Tuesday New Music: I See Failure by Antarctigo Vespucci

Tuesday New Music: I See Failure by Antarctigo Vespucci

Antarctigo Vespuci: I See Failure

While this is not a completely new song, being it’s from an album from 2015, I felt obligated that FINALLY I have caught onto the amazing world of Antarctigo Vespucci.  A super group of underground punk legends in Chris Farren (Fake Problems) and Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry) I feel almost ashamed it took me this long to take a look at their intense joint venture.  The poppy punk bombastic punches right out the speakers on this killer tune, straight  from the chiming bells in the intro.  Lyrically speaking it is classic story of self maligned wondering of the future.

Lyric to check out : “Is it all my fault or just most of it / my potential turns to worthlessness

Tuesday New Music: Can’t Keep Cool by Spill

Spill: Can’t Keep Cool

With tinges of The Menzingers and a dash of Weezer here and there, the debut single off the debut album of Spill sets their future endeavors up solidly.  The Eastern Pennsylvaina jangling vibrato comes through the melodies that ring addictive and sweet throughout the song.  Combined with a steady stream of fuzzy distortion, that hearkens back to early buzz worthy Weezer, it makes for a solid pop punk song that almost feels like it was from the late 90’s, in the best possible way.

Tuesday New Music: Heart Beat Here by Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional: Heart Beat Here

Last week was a big week for concert announcements for the upcoming year and one of those groups getting in on the act was emo mainstays Dashboard Confessional.  Having spent a majority of the last half decade split between DC and side projects, front man Chris Carrabba is finally set on releasing the first new music from the band in almost 7 years.  While they haven’t officially released Heart Beat Here, it has been played at a number of shows so far this year.  Straying a bit from the vintage DC sound, the  song comes off as a bit of Americana  roots music, combining the likes of The Lumineers with Sheryl Crowe’s, Are You Strong Enough to be my Man.  They tale of relationship support is a bit of a stray from the normal peak or valley emotional bipolarity the band became known for, showing that as Carrabba has grown up so has his music.

Tuesday New Music: Instigator by Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine: Instigator (Full Album)

A month after its release the new album from Kevin Devine is still getting heavy rotation within my house.  Starting things off with a kick in the mouth is the punchy No Why.  Sending the album full speed ahead into bruising poppy punk parade of emotive ditties and politically charged commentary.  Weaving in and out of hot button issues as well as taking time to step back and offer perspective on a life and a career that has had it’s fare share of trials and tribulations, the record is from front to back one of the fullest and thoughtful ones Kevin has released to date.

Tuesday New Music is the perfect time to tell you the origin story if you will about the first time I came to know about Kevin Devine.  It was the spring of 2004 and a group of friends and I drove out to Worcester, MA to catch Brand New and local hero’s Piebald rock out the infamous Palladium.  Stoked for two of my most revered bands, I knew absolutely nothing about this frail ginger guy with his elongated bowl cut and what seemed proportionally large for his body acoustic guitar that walked out onto stage.  Over the next 7 or 8 songs I was captivated by his performance.  The combination of soft delicate crooning that boiled over to rage and screaming became a magnet, transfixing me there in place unable to wander away from this solo opener.  Cementing his legacy with me even more was when Kevin launched into his biting self analyzing Wolf’s Mouth.  Halfway through the song a seemingly lost Jesse Lacey sauntered on stage and began to harmonize over the bridge.  It was a magical moment that sparked what would be a fandom going on 12 years now.


Tuesday New Music: We The People by A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest: We The People

A brief caveat, I know this album was released weeks ago, however it is still roughly new and has not been plied from my brain no matter how hard I try.  Releasing their first album in 18 years and a few months after the death of prodigious member Phife Dawg, the mavericks of Hip Hop come storming back into the game with the banger We The People.  With a killer beat with their trademark solid drum hooks the Queens combo take aim at the current state of affairs in America.  From gentrification to gay rights Tribe takes on the issues that are not only plaguing their own communities but America as a hole.  The album recorded in secret luckily was able to get some dynamite bars from founding member Phife Dawg before his passing in March, and they solidify what will surely be an instant Tribe classic.

Tuesday New Music: Near to the Wild Heart of Life by Japandroids

Japandroids: Near to the Wild Heart of Life

After three very long and somber years the dynamic duo from north of the border are back to rock our faces clean off.  Their new single Near to the Wild Heart of Life provides the same rhythmic pacing and sugary sweet hooks from the Japandroids that have been missing from the scene for years.  The first cut sounds like an updated and expanded Replacements song in the most beautiful sense, with shimmering guitars and a chorus that won’t leave your head without pliers.  Perfectly stated, the song speaks of the battle between the desire to stay happy at home or head out on the road to pursue ones dream, something I think had been gnawing at the boys for a while.  It is a killer listen and I can’t wait to get some more pieces of what I can assume be one of the best albums of the year.

Tuesday New Music: I Can Only Stare by Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells: I Can Only Stare

The tenacious twosome is back at it again having just released a new album Jessica Rabbit on Friday.  It has been a while since we got some fresh cuts from the ra-ra-rockers themselves and they surely do not disappoint with this their latest off the  album.  The synth heavy tune mixes the beastly pipes of Alexis Krauss with deep booming drums that carries the lonesomeness of the lyrics perfectly.  I Can Only Stare is the perfect iteration of the feeling of helplessness when you want that other person to look inside of you and see that you are sinking but they can’t and you can’t do anything but stare and keep sinking.  While this isn’t as straight forward poppy as some of their past mega jams it is catchy as hell and will be stuck in your head for days to come.