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May the Force be with the Future



**In honor of the Star Wars premier tonight, we have an exceptional guest post from Mr. Teacher again with a perfectly timed piece.

I am a newly minted Uncle, well not completely new, my nephew is turning 3 in January.  But for the better part of the first year to year and a half he wasn’t really a human to me.  I mean I loved the kid and he was adorable and cute, boy was the consistent drooling cute, but he didn’t really become a “person” until he started talking and saying actual words.  To be considered at human being status you need to be able to formulate your opinion on something.  So while he could say truck for a good while, it wasn’t until I could ask him if he liked his truck and he would answer either yes or no that he was a person in my eyes.

Well fast forward a little while and he is starting to really come in hot with his opinions on more advanced matters, for example last night he made the incredibly difficult choice of noodles over spaghetti at dinner (#TeamNoodles).  Well that leads us into what I found to be a shocking comment when asked about his favorite character from Star Wars.  Now I understand he doesn’t grasp all the complexities in the cinematic classic, but when he responded his favorite character was Darth Vader I was floored.  What child would view the heavy breathing, masked, evil doer as their favorite part in a movie where there is literally a walking dog?  He didn’t have to say Luke or Han, but work with me kid how about an R2-D2 or Chewbacca.  It’s hard to not get worried when even the shiny tiresome C3PO is passed over for one of the most villainous people in the entire galaxy.

Now be rest assured I will keep the situation monitored closely because the second he tells me he thinks that Lord Voldemort was just misunderstood or asks me to put the lotion on my skin or else I get the hose again I am calling up the authorities, or at least the Rebel Alliance.


Top 5 Comparisons of a 90’s Chubby Youth.

Life as a plump youth is not easy.  All children have the struggles and tribulations that come with growing up, socializing, and transitioning through puberty.  Nicknames and mocking is an everyday occurrence that really can be challenging when you are just trying to find a place to fit in.  As a child designated to shop in the husky jeans section I am full aware of the perilous nature and cruelty of childhood ridicule.  For the far less creative of bullies who couldn’t come up with something beyond a Shakespearean “fatty”, the go to insult was comparison to a pop culture pillar of plus size.  Here are the top 5 references that I received the most as a child of the 90’s.

5.  Goldberg-The Mighty Ducks


Why couldn’t I play left wing in gym class floor hockey?  Well the answer was because I was destined to be the immovable object in net.  Everyone knows the fat kid is always the goaltender, especially when everyone learned that through Goldberg.  The best attribute that Goldberg had in my eyes that he was at least a quick talking smart ass that helped pad what little dignity I had being compared to a fat nonathletic goalie.  Smell the faint scent of an epic fart wafting your way, “Goldberg!”, or in my case it was blamed on me.

4.The Entire Cast of Heavywieghts


You are telling me there is a movie about about fat camp? There is no way that a whole generation of chubby youth will be asked how they enjoyed their time on The Blob, or better yet what Tony Perkis was like.  I wasn’t evened offered the dignity of being compared to a staring character in the movie, simply an assumption that I must had attended some iteration of Camp Hope.  After all fat kids globally are required by law to attend a weight loss camp so as to not be as revolting to the eyes of the rest of society.

3. Donkey Lips- Salute Your Shorts


Personally for me nothing felt more insulting than being compared to Donkey Lips.  It is one thing when you are a bit less fit than your comparable friends, but Donkey Lips was such a notoriously gross and slovenly character I felt it was more a hygienically dig than anything.  I guess since I was fat that also meant I farted and burped continually, not to mention had an consistent appalling aroma.  It was this traumatic experience that caused years of refusing to eat chicken wings in public.

2.Patrick Renna- AKA the goalie from The Big Green AKA Ham from The Sandlot)


Hands down the most prevalent of insults was, “Hey you’re the kid from Big Green”.  Now this may had been due to my overwhelmingly gingerific freckles, but I like to think it was because of my superior athleticism for a portly player.  Patrick Renna starred in so many pinnacle coming of age tales that it almost served as a reminder for any bully that I still exist through the annals of film.  From the great hambino to simply being that kid from the Sobe commercial, whenever someone said they say me on TV that weekend I always assumed it had to be a Big Green re-run.

1. Chunk- Goonies


“Do the Truffle Shuffle!”.  No other quote will live in such infamy for having done more damage to my 12 year old psyche than that quote.  Being forced to pull up my shirt and gyrate around my jiggling gut became an almost weekly occurrence come summer time.  After hundreds of jokes and instances to do it, I finally embraced the life that Lawrence “Chunk” Cohen had built for tubby pre-teens when I received a truffle shuffle t-shirt from my parents for Christmas.  At a certain point you just have to give in and embrace the joke so it will finally go away.  (Brief side note, the truffle shuffle did lead to my own creation of something I called Mr. Stomach that had a music and dance routine associated with it.  It swept the nation for a few months but never got the just due it deserved.)


5 Fantastic Things Learned About Beasts


(Another killer guest contribution from Mr. Teacher)

During the summer of 2007, I faced one of the first real dilemmas of my adult life. Do I spend my Saturday evening A) attending a bachelor party or B) reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before spoilers reach me? For months, I had been waiting with baited breath to find out if Harry would die. I needed to know what his fate would be, and I had to know before the rest of the world. There was no way some loudmouthed kids were going to ruin the story for me by yelling, “Dumbledore Dies!” before I read the book. No way… no how… not like this had happened before I finished the previous book or anything…

The solution I came up with was to attend the bachelor party during the day and leave before the nighttime activities began. I know what you are thinking. Yes, I left a bachelor party to go home and read HP7. It took me less than 24 hours to read the entire book, after which I called a friend and admitted to crying near the end. There, I admitted it. I left a bachelor party to read HP7 and have a good cry. I still maintain it was the right decision, but there are many people in my family that will never let me forget the decision.

This is the level of my fandom for Harry Potter. I started reading the books when they came out in 2001, and I was there for the release of every subsequent book, and yes, every movie. I’m not going to lie, in my book, a lot of the movies sucked. They just weren’t that good. Bad directing and bad storytelling. I mean, the source material is amazing but some of the movies are somehow unwatchable. The movies improved toward the end of the series, but then unthinkable happened and the last two movies were split up like they were the final season of Breaking Bad or something. Cheap trick.

A few months ago, when I heard they were making a new HP installment, I laughed to myself. At least George Lucas waited like 20 years. JK Rowling couldn’t make it five years without dipping back into the well. But, because I’m a huge fan, I decided to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” with an open mind. Here are five things I learned from the movie.

  1. Newt Scamander needs a new briefcase stat.

Eddie Redmayne plays the lead, Newt Scamander. Redmayne channels his Oscar acceptance speech level of awkwardness to create this bland character. Listen, I get it, Scamander is a Hufflepuff and they are nerdy. We are all Hufflepuffs and JK Rowling loves them. However, everyone secretly knows that if they were selected to be in Hufflepuff, a little bit of you would die inside.

As some may recall, Scamander is the name of the author of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” a textbook often consulted by Potter and his gang. This movie follows Scamander’s adventures in America where early action results from his inability to keep his magic suitcase locked. If the nerd had simply invested in a new suitcase with latches that don’t pop open, this movie wouldn’t have a first act.

  1.  American Wizards are a super uptight bunch, because, you know, America.

This movie is set in 1920s New York City, where the wizarding world is feeling pressure from a few magical attacks that have threatened to shed light on their secret existence. The American “Ministry of Magic” is obsessed with doing everything by the books: registering visiting wizards, licensing wands, and keeping wizarding life secret. Furthermore, they are feeling constant pressure from a radical anti-magic group who pass out leaflets to the general public condemning witches and wizards. At first, I was kind of insulted that Rowling portrayed Americans as so uptight, and then I sort of accepted it. America!

  1. People are incredibly rude at the movies.

Okay, not related to the movie. But there was a legitimate baby at the 7:00 PM showing I attended. It was kind of cute the first time the baby cooed, but then it kept talking (“mama,” “dada,” etc.), and it took all the restraint that exists in my body not to ask them to quiet their baby down. Also, there was a random couple in the middle of the theater laughing at inappropriate times in the movie. They were checking Snapchat or something. These people needed a serious lesson in movie etiquette.

  1. People really like cute, magical creatures.

Some of the best parts of this movie consist of the magical creatures that were cooked up for this flick. In fact, much of the comic relief in the first act consists of one particular creature lurking around Manhattan stealing shiny objects like coins and jewelry. It was enjoyable, I laughed, but I also couldn’t help but wonder, “is this all it takes?”

  1. Everyone thinks their magic school is the best.

As we learn more about the main characters, we find out that Katherine Waterston’s, “Tina,” and Alison Sudol’s, “Queenie” both attended the “Ilvermony School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” which they maintain is like the best school of witchcraft and wizardry. Of course, Scamander maintains that Hogwarts is the best school for witches and wizards. Hehe… see what they did there? Throughout the movie there are further hints of the lore and legend that obsess Potter fans. Dumbledore is alive in the 1920s and battling with his foe Grindelwald. Scamander used to date, was mildly obsessed with, and now has moved on from, a Lestrange family member. There are certainly going to be sequels to follow this first movie. I have to admit, I am looking forward to them.

In the end, would I leave a bachelor party to see this movie? Probably not, but it was a pretty good beginning to a new storyline in the Harry Potter universe.

Top 5: Kapow the Cape Crusaders Ranked

Movie Roles Recast

BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN (l) Michael Keaton in Batman; Val Kilmer in Batman Forever; George Clooney in Batman & Robin; Christian Bale in The Dark Knight

Getting cast into one of the most iconic comic book Super hero’s of all time can be a huge windfall.  Dawning the mask of the caped crusader is the aspiration of many a youngster who has ever read comics, or for those a bit younger, been transfixed by the animated series.  Being such a popular character, there have been numerous iterations in the past 40 years.  With that in mind we rank the Top 5 (sorry Ben Afflect, you don’t make the cut).

5. Val Kilmer


Hands down the blandest of all the Batman’s, the former Iceman brought his patented dead delivery to the city of Gotham.  The addition of his side kick Robin, as well as worthy adversaries in Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carey couldn’t drag along this dud of a hero.  Maybe notoriously difficult to work with Kilmer just couldn’t find his artistic vision, or maybe he is just a giant baby in latex.

4. George Clooney


Replacing Val Kilmer in the franchise came Dr. Doug Ross himself.  The television drama heartthrob gave a solid performance in an otherwise outlandish interpretation of the Batman heroic tale.  The cartoonesque quality and addition of yet another side kick all but towed the line of farce unintentionally, yet a decent staring job by Clooney helped ring in a critically panned visual disaster.

3. Adam West


The original Batman, West served Gotham proud on the television sets of millions of Americans all through out the 1960’s.  With his pensive delivery he gave thought and determination to any problem that may arise the fair people of Gotham.  With a “Zowie” and “Kapow” he put down any villain that was dumb enough to take on Bruce Wayne, setting up his future career as the Mayor of a small Rhode Island town.

2. Christian Bale


Taking back up the reigns in the revamped Batman franchise, Bale came in a provided the longest tenure than any other Batman on film.  Ridiculous gruff voice aside, Bale took the Dark Knight to new heights with his updated trinkets and perfect balance between the arrogant cocky playboy of Gotham and the intelligent heroic masked avenger.

1Michael Keaton


The first to throw on the cape on the silver screen, Keaton surprised many by he nuanced performance in the first two Tim Burton classics.  The dark quality of Burton’s cinematic vision had many people questioning if the Mr.Mom star could pull off such a polar opposite of the spastic comedic acting he had mostly done to that time.  Boy did he ever pull it off.  Going against heavy weight performances by Danny DeVito and Jack Nicholson, Keaton held his own with his strong and mysterious portrayal.

It is inevitable that Batman will be reinterpreted time and time again.  There will be good portrayals and bad portrayals, but I think we can all agree that thank god Val Kilmer is too fat to fit in the Lycra.



I am Doctor Strange.

Editor’s Note: This is a the first of hopefully many guest posts from Mr.Teacher

I am addicted superhero films. I have seen them all. Yes, even the embarrassing ones; Green Lantern and Fantastic Four to name two. Don’t picture me as some sort of glutton for punishment or person with terrible taste. I simply have great nostalgia for the obsession of my youth. When I was a kid, much of my independent play was spent with my superhero action figures. Naturally, I hoped one day I would be a superhero just like them. I wanted to join all of my friends on their fantastic adventures.

As I grew older, I began to wish that all my favorite superheros would be in live-action movies. I didn’t realize my nerdy dream would be answered exponentially.

That’s not to say studios didn’t try to produce superhero movies when I was young. Terrible Batman movies were always coming out. That being said, the technology simply wasn’t up to the task of making superhero movies anything more than their cartoon counterparts.

No one could have foreseen the money making capabilities of superhero movies back then. Now, however, superhero movies are money in the bank for many Hollywood studios. In fact, there are so many superhero movies each year that much of the public is experiencing a palpable superhero movie fatigue.

Marvel movies have been the most successful at comic book adaptations. Their campy and lighthearted movies, full of celebrity banter, have delighted the public to the tune of billions of dollars. DC Comics has recently tried its hand at igniting a rivalry, but the grim seriousness of their movies have not gone over as well with the public (even though they may have the better canon).

Doctor Strange is Marvel’s newest attempt at adding to its cinematic universe. Yes, another superhero franchise is launching. However, just like the surprisingly funny and caper-esque Antman, Marvel has nailed its newest film.

Doctor Strange is led by the mega-star Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen Strange. His supporting cast is full of actors with major chops. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the severe and formidable sidekick Mordo. Mads Mikkelson plays the lead villain Kaecilius, and Rachel McAdams plays the love interest Christine Palmer. The cast is rounded out by the highly controversial casting of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One (a classically Asian role stolen by a white actor — looking at you Emma Stone).

Yes, this movie has a classic origin story. I know, I’m sick of them too. However, this one is relatively painless. Steven Strange is an asshole surgeon. He has his hands destroyed in an accident. He goes to the far east to be healed by mystics. He meets the Ancient One, and he realizes that the linear world he believed in, is one of infinite possibilities, and universes.
Along the way, Stephen Strange, is beaten down and stripped of his egotism. He learns magic and harnesses powers of the universe under the tutelage of the Ancient One. Quickly he is sucked into a battle for the salvation of the Universe.
This movie has all of the quick repartee of the Avengers movies, but enough soul and relationship building to make you care about the characters. The special effects in this movie are amazing. Buildings fold in on one another, there are beautiful interpretations of universes and worlds on end, and the battle scenes are frantic (almost haphazardly comical) and satisfying.

I can’t recommend the movie enough. Doctor Strange is a welcomed addition to the Marvel cinematic universe. See you in Thor: Ragnarok.

While watching Doctor Strange, I had a surreal out-of-body experience. People that know me personally, know that I recently had a serious hospitalization for a pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart). In the movie, Stephen Strange has the same issue, with bloody red fluid being removed from his heart sack in a particularly hectic and important scene. I looked at my wife as I watched the scene, and mouthed to her “What are the chances?” As I concentrated on my breathing and suppressed any flashbacks I realized something.

I am Doctor Strange… Fine, I’m not Doctor Strange, but I think this is the closest I’ll ever be to achieving my childhood goal of being a superhero.  Time to go work on the goatee.

Top 5 Fictional Presidents

With Election Day quickly approaching us it is only fitting that we take a look at some of the great Presidents of Television and Film.  The Leader of the Free World is a reasonably important job and all 5 who graced the on screen Oval Office treated the appointment with dignity and grace……….eh well some of them sort of did.  Let’s jump right into the best of the best when it came to heading up the Executive Branch.

Josiah “Jed” Bartlett (The West Wing)

The West Wing

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Between being both a Civil and Vietnam War vet, as well as spending time as a union head of a small regional airline,  Jed Bartlett ticked off a lot of boxes when it came to the credentials that make an attractive President.  His time in office was rife with drama including an assassination attempt, congressional upheaval, and the discovery of his multiple sclerosis leading to a censure, yet through it all he conducted himself with the poise and grace that you look forward to out of Eagle.  If a tad on the goofy dad side with his jokes and historical references, he truly was what all Presidents should embody.

James Marshall (Airforce One)


Courtesy of Politico

With the patriotism of CIA super agent, bad-assness of an intergalactic smuggler, and intelligence and wit of an archeology professor, President Marshall was a true Head of State.  Not only would he stand up to the Russians in a time of political turmoil but he also wasn’t afraid to escort unwanted guests out of his own personal aircraft.  If he wasn’t so god damn presidential he could find a new career path in being a bouncer at a club, throwing people out would never be an issue again.  I believe certain presidential candidates have adopted his deplaning philosophy as theirs on immigration.

Frank Underwood (House of Cards)


A true masked chameleon you never know what to expect from Francis Underwood.  At one point you think he is just a feeble cripple just for him to turn out to be a notorious international criminal.  He is so adept at channeling different ideals and sentiments to suit his needs at that time or for future endeavors he plays the game of politics masterfully.  Who else could get away with multiple murders and blackmailing, indirectly of course, the then President out of office.  Full knowledge of the necessity to gain political capital and use that to gain power is what gave Frank his presidentiality, no one was more powerful than him…….well except for maybe his wife.

Andrew Shepard (The American President)


With a firm grasp on the economy from his time spent manipulating the big banks on wall street, as well as a great source of duty having spent his early career as a humble police officer; the former most popular history professor at the University of Wisconsin was focused on consensus building for a majority of his first term.  It was when dirty attacks and political horse trading became too much to bare for the principled man, that he began to yield his power as Commander in Chief.  No longer willing to cower to the squabbles of individual Congressmen, President Shepard showed his teeth and how a President should lead from the front.

Selina Meyer (Veep)


While she may not be the best dancer in the world, having ascended her way from Vice to full fledged President means Meyer was fairly adept at the old D.C. two step.  Despite initial failure when attempting to gain even the nomination President Meyer used the downfalls of others and perfect time to make her way into the Oval.  Despite having her second term election placed before Congress, the grace under ever changing political changes show the poise needed by Duchess.

Screen Casting Novels : Confederacy of Dunces

This is going to be a new weekly post I am going to do where I choose my own cast for famous literary works.  Some movies may have already been made, but in my opinion I will have to recast the whole thing and start back from the beginning (looking at you Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future).  I feel it is only right that we start with a novel that has been cast over and over but yet has never had the legs to be made into a movie.


Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

A little back story on this novel for those not in the know.  John Kennedy Toole was a failed author who committed suicide before the book ever got published.  It was his determined mother who took the novel to a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans who helped get it published.  The novel was eventually awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1981 and stands today as one of the greatest works of Southern literature.

The plot revolves around the interplay of some flashy characters and unsavory types in New Orleans during the early 1960’s.  This isn’t a book report on the novel so if you have more interest I suggest taking a read or at least perusing the Wikipedia page.

Ignatius J. Reilly: A eccentrically educated slob who fashions himself the preeminent scholar of all and social justice warrior taking on every battle just before bailing when things take a turn. Ideally I would had cast Philip Seymour Hoffman in this role, his Sandy Lyle character from Along Came Polly was basically Ignatius light.  Played By: Nick Offerman (actually played him in theater version)

Myrna Minkoff: A political malcontent from New York and relationship icy hot for Ignatius.  They met in college and have been battling with and against ever since.  Played By: Parker Posey

Mrs. Irene Reilly: Ignatius’s overprotective and worrisome mother that slowly starts to untangle herself from around his finger as the story progresses.  Played By: Kathy Bates

Angelo Mancuso: Joke of the police force that continually gets put into compromising situations while trying to build a case, often at the expense of Ignatius.  Played By: Will Forte

Lana Lee: Pugnacious owner of the Night of Joy strip club where all the characters seem to find themselves in from time to time.  Highly combative to all who enter, unless they are buying some of her topless photos. Played By: Maria Bello

Darlene: Clueless stripper from the Night of Joy who spends her time trying to master the perfect routine with her pet cockatoo. Played By: Ashley Benson

Burma Jones: Night of Joy porter who spends his smoke filled days behind his sunglasses seeing all while sweeping up and getting yelled at by Lana.  Played By: Samuel L Jackson

Top 5 Philip Seymour Hoffman Roles

It was Superbowl morning 2014 and I was getting out of the New York subway on a short shopping trip to get some snacks for the nights game.  The second I got reception back on my cell phone it started lighting up with messages from friends and families sending their condolences and I was so confused.  Had something happened back home that I didn’t know about?  I quickly scanned the messages to find some semblance of what the condolences were for when I saw, “I’m really sorry to hear about Phil Hoffman”.  No, I was mortified, it couldn’t be that Phil Hoffman, my favorite actor of all time, who played my favorite character of all time.  A quick google search validated it and hence reaffirmed that one of the most exceptional actors of our day had sadly passed away too soon.  Philip Seymour Hoffman had such a varied range that it makes all his characters truly unique and memorable.  In honor of him here are my list of his top 5 roles.

5. The Count (Pirate Radio)- In a supporting role Hoffman plays an American DJ set adrift on a illegal rock radio station off the British shores.  The lone yankee blends right in with his rock and roll loving brethren.  It is when his British predecessor rejoins the cast that his delicate balance of asserting his own dominance while not alienating the crew as a brutish American is played out masterfully.

4.  Gust Avrakotos (Charlie Wilson’s War)- Matching up with heavyweights like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, Hoffman’s performance resonated in a big way in this Afghanistan war retelling.  Gust’s temper and cantankerous behavior is embodied in every movement regardless of circumstance or audience.  Hoffman turns this passed over CIA operative into the pushy side kick that truly belies the right hand of a Washington politician.

3. Phil Parma (Magnolia)-  In what would be a very fruitful relationship with director Paul Thomas Anderson, this second film he stared in had Hoffman as part of a multi-narrative ensemble cast that had him standing on his own against Tom Cruise, Jason Robards, and Julianne Moore.  The male nurse charged with taking care of ailing Robards gets placed into the inenviable task of trying to reconnect him with his chauvinistic dating self help guru son Cruise.  The sweet meek nature of Hoffman that in my opinion was a trademark of his more sensitive roles, is exemplified in this case more than others.

2. Truman Capote (Capote)-This stunning interpretation of the eccentric New York socialite and author earned Hoffman a much deserved Oscar.  His deft performance encompasses Capote’s noted speaking style and quirks while creating a stunning connection with his main subject of famed novel In Cold Blood. This would be the first of 4 Oscar nominations and lone win, rightfully deserved.

1. Sanford “Sandy” Lyle (Along Came Polly)- I will 100% admit that this is a completely selfish pick.  Sandy Lyle is a character unlike any other.  A slovenly out of work child actor who grossly helps his recently cuckolded friend balance life getting over his philandering wife while navigating the dating game.  Within the first minute of the movie he announces his presence with a phenomenal prat fall clad in a tailed tuxedo.  Through all his sloppy and gross behavior the true pinpoint perfect acting is simply from one look given at his point of retribution at the end of the movie.

My Highly Controversial Movie Trailer Theory

With so many options for media now a days who has time to suffer through a bad movie, (thanks Hail Caesar, I want my two hours back).  So the cinematic gourmand has no better resource than that of an astute movie trailer critique.  What can one learn in a two minute preview that can sway their hand one way or another?  Well when it comes down to it, you can get an overall general quality of the movie but hitting a real home run necessitates having some guidelines to stand by.  For example a comedy movie trailer could look completely uproarious with laughter and humorous punchlines simply because they put the 5 decent jokes in the whole movie in the preview.  Likewise a picture can seem like a rather mundane run of the mill romantic comedy simply because their premises are too long to be boiled down to a short clip or albeit it too risque.  Another key aspect of how a trailer truly represents the film lies in the hands of the phenomenal people who put the trailers together.  Such salt of the earth people who love Sam Adam’s Summer Ale, (or so I’ve heard) can have a huge effect on flow and overall play of the short vignette.

With all that technical mumbo jumbo on what can make a good/bad movie trailer I will provide my main thesis for trailers:  All Jack Black movie trailers that look hilariously side splitting never pan out to a great comedy, while all Ben Stiller trailers that appear to be a dull repurposing of a dated premise end up being quite delightful.  Now this by no means say that all Jack Black movies are bad and Ben Stiller movies are good, Tropic Thunder alone debunks that myth.  When prospecting the likelihood of a movie on a 1 to 10 scale I would say more often than not the trailers to movie quality ratio are inversely proportional on the sliding Stiller/Black Scale.  For example let’s take these two classic cases.

For Jack Black: Year One

Pretty comical looking and an interesting premise but on the whole crappy movie.

For Ben Stiller: The Heartbreak Kid

Seems pretty drawn out and played out but is a fairly hilarious movie.

So listen to me and the next good looking Jack Black movie pass up for Walter Mitty 2.