Beer of the Week: Green from Tree House Brewing Company

Photo Jun 04, 8 59 56 PM

Beer of the Week: Green by Tree House Brewing Company

Pack yourself a lunch, some comfortable shoes, and a lawn chair and make your pilgrimage out to western Massachusetts for what is most anticipated weekly can releases in all the land.  The lines seem to snake to over 200 people hours before the brewery even opens in dire anticipation of getting your hands on some of the most highly touted brews on the market.  When I made my pilgrimage I brought along my 88 year old grandfather to double up on my allotment of beer, that is in such high demand they often only allow 2 cans per person.  Luckily for us we were able to procure 6 cans of their wonderful Green and 6 cans of their delicious Julius, making for a pirates plunder of 24 total cans.  While Julius is exceptional in it’s own right, Green clearly takes the cake and hence deserves the accolades of Beer of the Week.

The 7.5% beauty IPA is a flowing yellow orb of deliciousness.  Mellow and smooth off the tongue gives breaks to floral hop aroma coating your palate, as advertised on the side of the can.  The biggest victory for Green is it’s ability to produce a smoother hop wollop.  Delivering the full bodied citrus notes but in a much more mellowed package.  A true thing of beauty it is completely worth the hours maligning in the que.

Photo Jan 04, 11 32 03 AM

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