Beer of the Week: Peach of Mind by Burlington Beer Company


As the weekend creeps closer and that work clock starts counting down to 5 o’clock, it is probably a good idea to start pondering which bottle top is going to be the first to pop this weekend, maybe something a little peachy.

Coming out of the rolling hill of Vermont, Burlington Beer Company is offering up this wickedly wild ale bursting with the sweetest peaches this side of Georgia.   With the slight tartness that comes with wild ales, this 6.5% ABV drinks nice and smooth like a fresh piece of peach pie that was left to ferment in a bottle.  Surprisingly not overly clawingly sweet for a peach flavored beer, the fruit definitely is up front and present with every sip and leaves a solid trail behind by way of a decent headed lace.  Whether passing a hot summer afternoon in a rocking chair or huddled by a fireplace in the throws of winter, this easily drinkable slice of summer tastes plucked straight from the tree.


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