De-Bunking Sandwich Myths at Bunk


The east coast invasion has finally begun for a hoard of panini press pirates making birth from the Beaver State.  Portland Oregon institution has set up shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, letting New Yorker’s know all about what slinging sammies from the west coast entails.

Straddling a bustling corner just a block off the main drag near the Bedford L train, Bunk Sandwiches has turned a cozy corner joint into a hero haven.  With a sparse amount of counter seating and along the big picture window the space is quite welcoming.  A large mural lends a comic book like texture to the chalk board lined walls accented with wood beams.

Being a cold and dreary winter day I needed a little something to warm me up before sinking my teeth into a submarine.  The warm and soul soothing tomato soup did just the trick, which a perfectly balanced creamy and acidic taste that melted away the cold that had been rattling in my bones.  The menu reads like a who’s who of some of the trendiests sandwiches around.  A phenomenal pork belly cubano is slightly smokey and porktastic offering a triumvirate of swine.  The richness cut with some vinegary mustard and a nice tart pickle, all pressed down with a crunchy baguette.  Some other standouts include the Roasted Chicken Salad which is piled high on a roll with some sumptuous avocado and crispy bacon, as well as the New Orleans Muffuletta, which many know is a personal favorite of mine and is pulled off extremely well at Bunk.

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With amble brews for cheap, not to mention house made libations free from alcohol, and a plethora of sides and sammies, Bunk is a must stop spot when bopping around the hipster haven of Williamsburg.  Grab a Genny Cream for $2, some fries covered in gravy, and a tasty sandwich and have yourself a day!



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