Music of the Moment: Spring Blooms in New Music

Photo Apr 11, 2 12 23 PM

Spring has sprung, possibly even giving way to an early summer (80 degrees on Easter?!?!?!).  With the changes of the season come life, rebirth, new hope (beyond Luke Skywalker), and often enough an onslaught of new music.  Trying to tantalize our auditory taste buds, artists will start releasing a song salvo here and there to get listeners excited for new material that they can hear during the summer festival season.  With that in mind let’s take a look at some artists new and old who have peaked my interest with some amazing new music.

(Sandy) Alex G: Bobby

Alex G, now going by (Sandy) Alex G has been bubbling just below the surface in indie circles for quite some time now.  If his new release Bobby is any indication on what is to be expected on his upcoming album, the secret is about to be let out in a big way.  This folksy ballad give impressions of an Appalachian love story told while marauding the hills of West Virginia chalk full of vivid descriptions and jangling banjo and fiddle.

Broken Social Scene: Halfway Home

Releasing their first new music in 7 years, this Canadian collective added some serious fire power by featuring members of both Metric and Stars on this bombastic wall of sound.  A rich blanket of guitars cover a driving bass fuzz that gets accentuated with a chorus of voices seemingly consisting of almost every musician from north of the border.

Big Thief: Mythological Beauty

After smashing success behind their debut album Masterpiece which featured the breakthrough titular single, Big Thief parlayed their success into slots on The Tonight Show and opening for former label mate Conor Oberst on some substantial stages this summer.  Heading right back into the studio they produced Mythological Beauty, the first single off their sophomore album set to drop later this summer.  Feathery vocals and harmonizing guitar plucks give a light a flowing feel to this coasting chantey.  Fueled along by a smooth flowing bass line and dulled locked in back beat, the addition and subtraction of layered elements gives some dynamic punctuation to a smooth serenade.

Slowdive: Sugar for the Pill

There are people of legal drinking age who have lived their entire lives without Slowdive releasing new music.  It has been 22 years since one of the pioneers of the British shoegaze sound released their last album, but wait no longer as Sugar for the Pill is here to breath some fresh life into music fans.  Feeling straight out of a Mary Poppins dream sequence this reverb heavy floating opus sucks fans right lock step into the classic Slowdive sound while enticing new listeners to check out their back catalog.


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