Music of the Moment : Songs of Regret


Here is a couple of songs that I just so happened to stumble upon, or somehow circled back into my listening rotation recently and are definitely worth checking out.

Dan Mills : Best I Could

This Rhode Island bred troubadour brings what I describe as his funky James Taylor vibe to a contemplative take on the failure of a relationship.  In the end no matter how much you put it, sometimes it just isn’t enough according to this folksy cruiser.

And I never loved you like I should, But I did the best I could”

Atta Boy : Saccharine

So even though nothing has been heard from Atta Boy via their Facebook page since 2015, this powerful swaying jam is the sunlight of regret that morning after.  It almost works in harmony as the counterpoint to Mr. Mills’ song above, from the other side.

But one day I’ll be the one to see you behind those bars, And you’ll say I should have loved that girl more”

Foxing : The Medic

Coming forth in the forth wave of Emo you have the talented folks in Foxing whose shiny airy guitar interplay gives off nods to the like of American Football and Minus The Bear, while bringing the screeching heart over the regret to making a decision to settle for something because you may not be able to find better.

But I can’t wait around for something better than this
Cause you’re the best that I can do
And I wish I could leave you”

Bad Books : Pyotr

The super group comprising of members of Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band, bring some historical context to their vivid descriptions and melodies.  Singing from the perspective of both a former Russian Czar and the adulterous lover to said rulers wife, Andy Hull brings compassion to both scorn and scorning parties in their acts of lunacy and deceit.

And I tell you in the heat of the scuffle
Nobody ever takes my eyes off of you”

Future Islands : Ran

These indie darlings really knocked it out of the park with the first single off their upcoming album.  The driving bass line and wispy synth propel the regret of a love without the one who you love.

And what’s a song without you?
When every song I write is about you
When I can’t hold myself without you
And I can’t change the day I found you”


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