Top 50 Emo Songs of My Generation


These types of lists are highly debatable so I’ll throw out the caveat already that these are just my choices, some have special meaning to me or merely really rock.  I grew up in what became known as the Third Wave of Emo, from the mid 90’s to late 00’s, so if you are craving some Modern Baseball or American Football or any other sporting band they just aren’t in this time period. Also each band is only allowed to be on the list once, or else this would probably turn into a top 5 songs from 10 bands list.  Without further ado….

50. Finch : Stay With Me

49. Sugarcult : Bouncing Off the Walls

48. Alli With an I : Mixed Emotions

47. Halifax : Sydney

46. I Am The Avalanche : Amsterdam

45. Hawthorne Heights : Ohio is for Lovers

44. Sparta : Air

43. Jimmy Eat World : Bleed American

42. Armor for Sleep : Dream to Make Believe

41. Funeral For a Friend : Streetcar

40. Northstar : The Pornographer’s Daughter

39. Thursday : Signals Over the Air

38. Say Anything : Belt

37. Saosin : Seven Years

36. New Found Glory : My Friends Over You

35. The Starting Line : The Best of Me

34. The Used : A Box Full of Sharp Objects

33. Rufio : In My Eyes

32. The Ataris : In This Diary

31. Straylight Run : It’s For the Best

30. Senses Fail : One Eight Seven

29. Hit The Lights : Until We Get Caught

28. Alkaline Trio : Radio

27. Spitalfield : I Loved the Way She Said L.A.

26. Yellowcard : October Nights

25. Thrice : Stare at the Sun

24. Coheed and Cambria : Devil in Jersey City

23. June : Patrick

22. Bayside : We’ll Be O.K.

21. Fall Out Boy : Grand Theft Autumn

20. The Audition : You’ve Made Us Conscious

19. Motion City Soundtrack : LGFUAD

18. Story of The Year : Until The Day I Die

17. The Academy Is : The Phrase That Pays

16. Billy Talent : Try Honesty

15. The Movielife : Hey

14. Hot Rod Circuit : At Nature’s Mercy

13. The Get Up Kids : Mass Pike

12. Silverstein : Smile in Your Sleep

11. Cartel : Q and A (I know they are two songs, but they are really one, come on)

10. Cursive : A Gentleman Caller

9. Something Corporate : Hurricane

8. Piebald : American Hearts

7. Saves the Day : Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off to Heaven

6. Dashboard Confessional : So Impossible

5. Taking Back Sunday : Great Romances of the 20th Century

4. My Chemical Romance : Helena

3. Bright Eyes : Gold Mine Gutted

2. Kevin Devine : Cotton Crush

1.  Brand New : Jude Law and a Semester Abroad

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One thought on “Top 50 Emo Songs of My Generation

  1. Casey Ryback says:

    Great list bud, I’d make some changes here and there but overall top notch.

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