Wednesday is for Women Who Rock.


Been big into bands lead by some kick ass ladies recently so figured I’d give a quick shout out to a few fem fronted  factions really doing some incredible stuff.

Diet Cig – Harvard

To be honest this was the band that propelled the idea of this list forward.  I have never seen a more explosive firecracker of punk energy explode and rage on stage than Alex Luciano does shredding away in the amazing two piece ensemble that is Diet Cig.

Lemuria – Mechanical

All you need to do is listen to the song above to get a firm understanding why Lemuria is on this list.  Sheena Ozzella’s lyrical beat down in a myriap of “shut up’s” had me hooked the second the first shut exited the speaker.  Try getting that out of your head today, I doubt it.

Metric – Breathing Underwater

I don’t think it is possible to make any sort of list of fierce front women without including Emily Haines and Metric.   There is something to be said for being able to make killer records on your own terms for almost 20 years.  The hardest choice was which of my top 2 songs of theirs to go with, so I went with the one with my favorite lyric, “They were right when they said We should never meet our heroes. When they bow at their feet, in the end it wasn’t me“.

Rilo Kiley – Love and War (11/11/46)

Jenny Lewis…….do I need to say anything else, Jenny….Fucking…..Lewis.  Can this woman touch anything that isn’t phenomenal?  Rilo Kiley CHECK, solo material (with and without the Watson Twins) CHECK, The Postal Service CHECK,  Troop Beverly Hills CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Damone – Up to You

I’ll admit it right off the bat, yes I am completely biased on Noelle and the guys in Damone.  They are from my hometown, went to highschool with me, and had one of their first shows in my church basement.  But that aside you can;t tell me that Noelle isn’t one killer front woman like a crazed combination of Joan Jett and Rick Springfield.  Plus the dual guitarr solo’s in this song are just too killer.


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