Welcome Back!!!

I know you missed us during our brief Holiday hiatus here at American Appetite. While you have been busy returning that hideous sweater Aunt Loraine bought you, and breaking your week old resolutions we have been busy behind the scenes getting geared up for what we hope to be a truly transcendent year.

When we first began American Appetite some years ago the initial iteration was supposed to be a food and travel blog sending you to all the hot spots from Washington D.C. to San Francisco.  Well as time progressed and the bank account didn’t explode it became fairly obvious that we couldn’t sustain such a wide reaching identity.  Life happened and the site went dark with sporadic posts here and there for about a year. Then this past September the bug to spew all the useless knowledge knocking around our brains became too incessant and we took on the world full bore; this time with more wide ranging topics of food, media, culture, and general pop culture that has seemed to really take off with a lot of people.

Unlike friend of the site Kevin Devine here we really don’t exactly know how this is going to go.  Now don’t get worried about the same great sharp wit and phenomenal taste in food, media, and the like, that is still coming to you 7 days a week, we simply don’t have a particular box that we are trying to fit ourselves into.  In the cut throat world of blogging it is better to be able to describe what your site is, whether it be a fashion blog, food blog, sports blog, etc; well we don’t have the existential crisis here at American Appetite where we feel we need to fit into one sort of category.  What we like to do and bring you fresh and creative articles about a myriad of topics that we hope you enjoy and can look forward to hearing about something different than what you read yesterday.  With that being said we will still be doing our normal daily music as well as some new (and old) reoccurring topics.  More so than anything we don’t want our content to become stale or predictable because if you are bored with what we serve up, chances are we are bored doing it and then the struggle gets real as the kids say.

There are a couple new areas we want to tackle this year that I am going to let you in on and then you can stop reading this ambling manifesto.

First, a huge part of why we write these articles is because we have this desire to be creative and make something that people will enjoy and that we ourselves will enjoy.  While I don’t have the gall to say that American Appetite inspires people, we here get inspired by some of our incredibly artistic hard working friends around us and we want to share their stories with you.  So every couple of weeks we are going to share a project of even just a profile of someone we know that really inspires us through their artistic endeavors.

Secondly, we really want to engage with you the readers.  Some people have started to leave comments and feedback, thanks Governor Chris Christie, and it really helps us tailor some content to things you might be interested in.  So going forward we would love to hear from more of you about things you want us to cover.  Is there a new restaurant you want us to check out, or some new band on the rise?  Do you want our Woodward and Bernstein-esque view of a multinational trade embargo?  Send us an email or leave a comment and we will take on whatever topic you want to hear about with a bullish enthusiasm and warped perspective.

Wrapping this up, in full disclosure people 2016 was a pretty sucky year.  The re-launch of American Appetite for 2017 is a declaration to all those out there that we can have something fun (hopefully funny), entertaining, informative, and overall a glimpse at the positive side of life when it starts to get tough.  We are really proud of all the work we do here and we hope that you can help us grow and share a little bit of our brand of veracious consumption of what touches us in our daily lives.  Sorry that got real for a second, I tried to keep it short:  that’s what she said.

Lots of love,

American Appetite


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