2016 In Review: Friday Double Play: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen & Jeff Buckley

Friday Double Play: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen & Jeff Buckley

With the tragic passing of Leonard Cohen yesterday, it is only fitting that we dedicate today’s Double Play to him.  As a masterful lyricist and song writer, Leonard Cohen’s influence on the music world was immaculate and wide reaching.  Artists all across genres resoundingly always dote Cohen as one, if not the, best songwriter of his generation.  With his trademark spoken word-esque style he could paint the most vivid of pictures that resonated deep within the listener.  As with the passing of David Bowie and Prince earlier this year, the music world lost another true trailblazer and visionary.  On this Friday we take a look at his most famous hit, Hallelujah.  The haunting ballad tells of the dichotomy of love.  Using religious overtones and the same ceaseless chorus, Cohen carries the listener through the stages of a relationship, all being separated by a chorus of Hallelujah which symbolizes very different things each time around.  The plodding nature of the song adds to the tension that is thereby applied to the relationship.  Overall, the song is often held up as an expert case of fine songwriting, which is only exemplified by the fact that it is so often covered.  Jeff Buckley was a rising star in the music industry who sadly was snuffed out too soon, before he was able to hit his peak.  But on his way up he recorded what would become a sweetly prophetic eulogy to his brief career.  The sadness conveyed in his voice does justice to such an emotive Leonard Cohen classic.  Both Leonard and Jeff will be deeply missed.

Leonard Cohen

Jeff Buckley


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