2016 In Review: #4 Food Review – The Genuine Article: Brunch at Article 24

The Genuine Article: Brunch at Article 24


A hip new little joint in the Brighton/Allston area of Boston is Article 24 where the food and decor scream retro hipster.  Brought to you by the guru’s of the gastropub, The Neighborhood Restaurant group, who also are behind the immensely popular Local 149 in South Boston, and The Biltmore Bar & Grill in Newton, MA, this place is sure to take off just as quickly as their contemporaries.





The interior is very warm and cozy, with making the most of their space they offer a wrap around bar right inside the door way that adorned with televisions for your Sunday football watching pleasure.  Further inside is the main dining room that offers extremely comfortable chairs with the low tables, bordered by high tops along the wall.  The room is well lit with a lot of the brightness bouncing off the vibrant artwork and retro signage, such at a giant Getty sign adorning the back wall, and an explanation of the 24th Article embossed with Eleanor Roosevelt along another.  The feel of the room is energetic while still at the same time maintaining a comforting artistic interpretation of the past.

At Article 24 there are numerous options to get you all lathered up ranging from the simplistic Miller High Life to the most inventive cocktails you could imagine.  Their Bloody Mary was tasty, yet fairly basic.  However they do offer up some other notable libations worth checking out, including a pantheon of cocktails featuring house made ginger beer, which is spicy and phenomenal.  They also offer up their Bucket O’ Bubbles which is a bottle of prosecco and all the fixings needed to set your day off right.  If you are more of a cheap beer person, that option is there as well, and actually is a perfect partner to some of the classic bar snacks from their sister restaurant, by the way of Hog Wings or the otherworldly Mac Fritters.

The brunch menu offers the best variety of breakfast staples with a little twist, and something a little more savory for the folks who have already transitioned to lunch.  The classics are well represented with creamy Eggs Benedict and pancakes offered, including an adult version with booze swirled into the batter and drizzled on top.  The Croque Madame is crusty on the outside and soft and salty unctuous goodness on the interior, a sure hit.  For a nice spin on the norm I highly recommend checking out the Waffle Pizza, which is a fluffy golden waffle topped with bacon, thick cut ham, melted cheese, and a fried egg tops it all off.  It the perfect combination of all your favorite breakfast goodies all on one fork, salty, sweet, melty, and scrumptious.  If your tummy is in the mood for the more savory, the lunch skewed items are equally as delicious.  The Crispy Chicken BKT and Uncle Pat’s London Broil Pile up are both beastly meaty behemoths, which tends to be a theme permeating most of the sandwich offerings at Article 24.  A think crispy chicken breast sits atop the makings of an incredible BLT, which is set off by a tangy caesar aioli.  For Uncle Pat’s special you get a mountain of beef and onion strings covered in melty cheese and horseradish sauce, which makes for the best roast beef sandwich you will get around.


Overall between the upbeat casual interior, beverage options, and phenomenal food, Article 24 is shaping up to be one of the hottest spots in town.  Head on over, grab a stool, grab a ‘Gansett, grab some food, and grab a good time.


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