May the Force be with the Future



**In honor of the Star Wars premier tonight, we have an exceptional guest post from Mr. Teacher again with a perfectly timed piece.

I am a newly minted Uncle, well not completely new, my nephew is turning 3 in January.  But for the better part of the first year to year and a half he wasn’t really a human to me.  I mean I loved the kid and he was adorable and cute, boy was the consistent drooling cute, but he didn’t really become a “person” until he started talking and saying actual words.  To be considered at human being status you need to be able to formulate your opinion on something.  So while he could say truck for a good while, it wasn’t until I could ask him if he liked his truck and he would answer either yes or no that he was a person in my eyes.

Well fast forward a little while and he is starting to really come in hot with his opinions on more advanced matters, for example last night he made the incredibly difficult choice of noodles over spaghetti at dinner (#TeamNoodles).  Well that leads us into what I found to be a shocking comment when asked about his favorite character from Star Wars.  Now I understand he doesn’t grasp all the complexities in the cinematic classic, but when he responded his favorite character was Darth Vader I was floored.  What child would view the heavy breathing, masked, evil doer as their favorite part in a movie where there is literally a walking dog?  He didn’t have to say Luke or Han, but work with me kid how about an R2-D2 or Chewbacca.  It’s hard to not get worried when even the shiny tiresome C3PO is passed over for one of the most villainous people in the entire galaxy.

Now be rest assured I will keep the situation monitored closely because the second he tells me he thinks that Lord Voldemort was just misunderstood or asks me to put the lotion on my skin or else I get the hose again I am calling up the authorities, or at least the Rebel Alliance.


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