Zaa Zaa Black Sheep Have You Any Dough?


With three locations all over the Twin Cities area, Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza is slinging some of the best pies in the Gopher State.  On a busy Friday night we headed over to the North Loop location to check out what all the hub bub on the street that we had been hearing was about.  Situated down half a floor in a basement with glowing neon signs, the smell of fresh za’s permeate the air beckoning you forth.  With a wide selection of local craft brew, Black Sheep is the ideal location for you to get your carb chow down on during those cold Midwestern winters.

When going to a pizza joint, you would be hard pressed to go wrong with any combination of meats and cheeses, but who says you have to wait for the dough to be tossed before you dig in.  At Black Sheep they have one killer Cured Meat and Cheese Plate, with whatever local curdled creation and sliced salumi just so happen to be for the foraging that night.  Prime cuts of meat and buttery rich cheeses are complimented with briny marinated olives, nutty pistachios, and the most delectable roasted red peppers.  Toss all that on a crispy cracker and you have the classiest of pizza aperitif’s.

When it comes to the main event, the champion culinary circle comes out bubbling and fragrant.  A sure mark of a great coal fired pizza is the residual black charcoal dust that lines the crust, and there is dust a plenty here.  While like most pizza joints you are free to mix and match your own combinations, the options they have already painstakingly mastered are well worth the recommendation.  Feeling a bit saucy we went with the Fennel Sausage, Hot Salami, Onion & Cracked Green Olives pizza.  Vibrant red slivers of salami dot the pizza in a checker game against the sweeter fennel studded sausage.   The onion adds a sharpness that helps cut right through the fattiness from both meats and cheese, while the briny olives add a bit of zip to keep the palate refreshed for every bite.  While we were thoroughly please with our pie, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that we were kicking ourselves for not going with a small so we could order the highly popular Oyster Mushroom, Smoked Mozzarella, Rosemary & Garlic, which was almost taunting us from all over the restaurant.

Looking for a night out for some sensational slices with some super salumi, then make your way to Black Sheep.  The beer is cold, the pizza is hot, and the carbs are needed to bulk up for the upcoming cold winter, so it’s the perfect place to pack on some added warmth.


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