Pub Grub at it’s Best at R.F. O’Sullivan’s


There is just something so comforting about a good dark pub for a great bite of food.  There is no pub in my opinion that does it better than R.F. O’Sullivans & Son in Somerville, MA.  Just inside the wood paneled exterior you will find a rotund U shaped bar beckoning you in to grab a stool and order a pint.  Lining the walls in the cozy interior are tables and televisions, the status quo for Boston area pubs, or bars of any sort.  But the overall feel of the snug spot is one of welcoming peace.  A slightly dim lit, slightly noisy at times oasis of food and ale in an other wise hectic world and the food hits on all the right notes.


The main draw at R.F. O’Sullivan’s is definitely their gargantuan burgers.  With a laundry list of combinations everything they do here is over sized, including their giant potato wedges that the disguise as fries.  A giant half pound of meat is topped with a myriad of cheeses, sauces, and toppings ranging from teriyaki sauce to Cajun seasoning to creamy blue cheese.  By far my favorite combination is the Black & Blue burger which is a juicy patty crusted with cracked black pepper and topped with tangy blue cheese.  Also with the prerequisite lettuce, tomato, and onion the bonus draw to the burger is the option for half fries and half beer battered onion rings.  The juices from the prime meat oozes from your hands as you sink your teeth into the thick puck of perfectly grilled beef.  Make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand.  A pro tip, once you pick up the burger and take a bite, don’t put it down because it will fall apart.


Being a classic pub they also do one hell of a fish ‘n chips, where they offer two varieties.  Their fresh fried haddock comes battered “London Style” which is the classic beer batter or in a more typically New England cornmeal batter.  The flaky fish is delicate and sumptuous in a blanket of crispy fried perfection. Paired with more giant potato wedges and tangy slaw, it sets you back to either foggy London town or beaches of Cape Cod.

Two challenges do arise when it comes to visiting R.F. O’Sullivans, first how will you be able to select which bodacious burger to order and secondly how will you able to unhinge your jaw to get it into your mouth.  Stop on by, settle in and get ready for a delicious and homely time.


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