Breakfast is Paramount at The Paramount


Dazzling crowds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in two prime Boston locations you will find The ParamountWith its unique dining system, it shuttles diners in and out at breakneck speed filling there bellies to the brim with some prime time grub.  Walking into the South Boston location you are greeted with rows of tables to the right and a long open kitchen to the left.  When you walk in head right for the line because at The Paramount you wait in line to place your order and pay before you are given a seat.  Strangely enough through some sort of perfect environmental symmetry a table always seems to open up right when a new party needs one.  The benefit aside from the speed and efficiency that allows more patrons through the door is that you get to stand by, mouth watering, and see the tasty choices being prepared right in front of your eyes.  This can be both beneficial and gut wrenching as you might flip flop every time a waft of waffle comes bellowing out or a new batch of eggs hits the flat top.  Once you make your selection and pay for your wares, you are given a number and directed to select an open table.

The breakfast staples at The Paramount are classic breakfast offerings but done with great finesse and precision.  All the eggceptional egg dishes come with the crunchiest picante Cajun spiced home fries and warm fresh backed toast.  A huge highlight that you must try is the grilled chorizo omelet. Giant chunks of smoky chorizo are woven together with black beans and corn under a blanket of egg.  Spicy and hearty the pico de gallo and guacamole turn your breakfast into a fiesta in your mouth.  The Western omelet was a flavorful wagon ride chalk full of peppers, onions, pieces of pungently porky ham, and ooey gooey American cheese.  A breakfast that would had filled the hungriest explorer on his quest for the new frontier.  The pancakes are giant fluff disks of deliciousness, chalk full of any number of combinations of fillings.

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Looking for a great breakfast that is quick and scrumptious then head over to The Paramount and hop in line.  Get there early because the hoards are aware of this Boston institution and make it a major weekend destination for those looking to indulge in some great food.



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