I’m not Cool Enough for Plastic Glasses 

As a visually impaired person an accessory necessity for years has been a good pair of spectacles.  Aside from a Mike Tyson tribal tattoo, it is one way to be able to give your face a little flare, whilst also being able to see and not walk into walls.  One of the first major decisions in my life came when I was deciding which pair of glasses I would wear.  Spending about 2 hours in the optical section of Costco I meandered too and fro trying on every pair they had to offer.  Way ahead of my time I originally wanted the hipster sheik and grandpa-esque Mitch Hedberg big eyed rims with the connecting bar on top. I was talked out of that by my mother and ended up settling for a more reasonable Kirkland Signature brand plane wire rim.  As years progressed and fashions changed, as well I myself getting a bit bolder, I made the transition to thick black rims and then to a JFK era retro spectacle that I currently wear.  Through all the iterations and permutations I have always been hesitant to go for the clear or colored plastic rims, and I could never put my finger on what the reason was for my hessitance.  I think I have figured it out though.  I simply am just not cool enough.  It takes a certain cool factor to rock some killer clear shades and when it comes down to it, I simply don’t have the street cred to pull it off.


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