Friday Double Play: She Can See Me by Kevin Devine

When Kevin Devine set about creating his next project he had a bold idea.  First he was going to use crowd funding to source the project.  Secondly he was going to create two albums not just one.  Two fairly different albums, with two separate producers, and two over all feelings.  What came out where the equally revered Bubblegum and Bulldozer.  While they are both vintage Devine with one being a more punk grunge heavy distorted guitar assualt, and the other a more introspective singer song writer confession.  An amazing thing that he did do with both however was take the over all spirit of both albums and channel them through the structure of the same bones.  For each album he recorded his take of She Can See Me as it would pertain to that album and both have their all encompassing presence for their respective records.  He also took to filming two music videos for each perspective of the song that similarly are variations on the same structure.  Take a listen and enjoy!

Bulldozer Version

Bubblegum Version


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