Let’s Meat for Lunch on Lowry Hill

Bringing some top notch butchery into the Minneapolis food scene, the proprietors of Lowry Hill Meats are pushing out some of the tastiest sandwiches around.  Often times restaurants will give themselves a title with meats in the title to let you know they serve fine Boars Hear pastrami or that they do a mean steak and cheese, but at Lowry Hill you are assured the second you walk in that this is a serious meat spot.  An open butchers nook and kitchen is encased by refrigerators of some of the plumpest sausages, craveworthy charcuterie, and choicest cuts of meats of epic varieties.  While initially coming here to try their tasty sandwiches I was almost enticed to brave the cold, dig out the grill, and throw a whole plethora of carnivorous delights on the old flame.

When you stroll into butcher shop that also sells their wares in sandwich form you tend to have certain expectations.  A person who is taking the time to break down a whole hog should be able to provide a hogtastic ham sandwich or bold beef on baguette, and at Lowry Hill they blew my expectations away.  Their sandwiches were packed with some of the best meat around.  The French Exit with turkey was juicy and delectable, coming on a crusty banquette and excetuated with a tangy dijoin and zingy aioli really made the turkey and cheese far supercede any that you may have enjoyed in the past.  The Roast Beef was heavenly.  If I could rename it, I would call it Hunter in The Woods because that’s what it made me think of when eating it.  Meaty roast beef with a musty and spicy combination of horseradish and beets envisioned me roaming some Bavarian Forest on the hunt.  The smear of butter on the roll also provided a curious sweet unctuousness that really worked well.  Visiting it was a particularly cold day, but luckily enough we were warmed right up be a thick and creamy squash soup that tasted like it was just harvested from the goard patch.

Whether you are looking for a great lunch option or need to stock up for a mid winter cookout you must stop by Lowry Hill Meats, for no other reason to stare mindlessly at the endless carnivorous choices.


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