Wednesday Live: Redbird by Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine: Redbird

This powerful performance of one of Kevin Devin’s most musically spastic songs is a perfect representation of what to expect from him live.  Engaging in the small eaves of gentleness he lures you in only to blow you away seconds later with a passionate explosion of energy and emotion.  Every song he sings sounds like a complete baring of his soul and conscience and this is a sterling example of that.

Here is a little bonus clip from one of the best shows I have ever seen him play.  This is from Kevin’s 10 Year Anniversary show from Webster Hall.  Playing 3 separate sets he spent a whole night captivating a packed house.  Here is his charged up version of Noose Dressed Like a Necklace from his second album Make The Clocks Move.  This is another great representation of what a Kevin Devine show is all about.  A vivacity of spirit captivates the crowd, while a small hiccup almost choking on a piece of gums sheds a light on the humor and wit you can expect from Kevin from his in between song banter.  Also if you take a look there may be an American Appetite Easter Egg if you pay close attention.



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