Tuesday New Music: Instigator by Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine: Instigator (Full Album)

A month after its release the new album from Kevin Devine is still getting heavy rotation within my house.  Starting things off with a kick in the mouth is the punchy No Why.  Sending the album full speed ahead into bruising poppy punk parade of emotive ditties and politically charged commentary.  Weaving in and out of hot button issues as well as taking time to step back and offer perspective on a life and a career that has had it’s fare share of trials and tribulations, the record is from front to back one of the fullest and thoughtful ones Kevin has released to date.

Tuesday New Music is the perfect time to tell you the origin story if you will about the first time I came to know about Kevin Devine.  It was the spring of 2004 and a group of friends and I drove out to Worcester, MA to catch Brand New and local hero’s Piebald rock out the infamous Palladium.  Stoked for two of my most revered bands, I knew absolutely nothing about this frail ginger guy with his elongated bowl cut and what seemed proportionally large for his body acoustic guitar that walked out onto stage.  Over the next 7 or 8 songs I was captivated by his performance.  The combination of soft delicate crooning that boiled over to rage and screaming became a magnet, transfixing me there in place unable to wander away from this solo opener.  Cementing his legacy with me even more was when Kevin launched into his biting self analyzing Wolf’s Mouth.  Halfway through the song a seemingly lost Jesse Lacey sauntered on stage and began to harmonize over the bridge.  It was a magical moment that sparked what would be a fandom going on 12 years now.



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