Top 5 Winter Warmer Drinks

With the Holiday Season upon us, the next few weeks is bound to be an endless cavalcade of work parties and festive ugly sweater shindigs that are bound to drive the lot of us to drink.  Sorry Craig from accounting I did not find your story about how you mixed up the TPS reports to be as amusing as your trip to Wilmington for a LARPing convention, however this tasty cocktail made it bearable for me to be polite and hence you won’t murder me on the day you snap and decide to poison the whole office.  With the onslaught of holiday cheer coming in full force it is good to have a back up as slugging nog in back to back nights can be quite a tedious task.  It is with that in mind we bring to you the Top 5 Winter Warmer Drinks.

5. Hot Toddy


The ultimate drink if you have to sniffles or can feel that seasonal cold coming your way.  You are going to be drinking tea to recuperate anyways so why not add in some cold and flu ass kicking lemon juice, sooth that throat with a little honey, and hey last I heard bacteria and alcohol don’t mix to well so let that whiskey serve as doctors orders for the night.

4. Gluhwein


This German import informs people that you are both cultured and classy, not to mention there to have a good time.  Instead of slugging back some beers or cheap Chardonnay, get yourself some nice mulled red wine, adorned with some cinnamon sticks and an orange wedge or two and Fröhliche Weihnachten to you and your Bavarian friends.

3. Hot Cocoa


Want to be transported back to childhood when you would come right out of the cold to some steaming hot mugs of chocolatey goodness waiting to warm you right back up?  No better time that at a holiday party.  Pour in a little Creme de Menthe and you can reminisce about Christmas lore of old and tales of past returned slacks from Aunt Whitney that both weren’t in your size, but the design matched her pleather couch.  Oh memories.

2. Holiday Punch


What’s the best part of a festive holiday party?  The punch of course!  Normal gatherings mid summer or 4th of July BBQ’s usually aren’t jazzed up enough to include the pinnacle of elegance in entertaining, the focal point or any table scape, a mean punch bowl.  Usually made garnished with some assortment of red and green, cranberries and limes for my choosing, it gives party goers and extra point of mingling when scooping out a few sloshes of the dastardly drink.

1. Classic Eggnog


Nothing says holiday party like some good quality Eggnog.  The weather is getting a bit cooler and people are looking to put on a little heft to battle the cold so they don’t mind indulging a snifter or two of this dairy delicacy.  A smooth tasty brew, hopped up with a little brandy, and dusted with nutmeg, a sure must have at all parties.  Nog also suffers from the rare issue that it is only both socially and morally appropriate to drink it during the Holiday Season.  Can you imagine sitting down on a hot August night really looking to quench your thirst and choking down a gullet full of eggnog, no thanks.  So get noggin’ while the noggin’ is good, and then give it up again when December 26th hits midnight.



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