Time to Make the Doughnuts at Bogart’s Doughnut Co.


On a the corner of an Uptown street in a sleepy little neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN you will find a glass lined storefront welcoming all gastronomes into Bogart’s Doughnut Co.   Clean and bright with white and red accents, the no frills the doughnuts are allowed to be the main focal point in the small shop in the plate glass display case.  It must be cleaned hundreds of times daily from all the drool marks patrons must leave.  With no shortage of both classic and inventive choices, the biggest issue you will find yourself is finding room after you impulsively order half a dozen.

The doughnuts are not for the calorie counters as one bite will quickly remind the eater that they are in the heart of the dairy belt.  Laden with rich butter the fluffy yeast based doughnuts are chalk full of airy crevices  making for the most scrumptious pillow of pastry.  Glazed or filled, these crave worthy canvases have some of the richest combinations around.  Their highly popular Brown Butter Glaze tastes of the richest butter frosting that you would more expect atop a birthday cake than a doughnut.  The Nutella-Filled comes exploding with the luscious hazelnut chocolate spread that gets all over your fingers as you scarf it down.  Vanilla Bean Buttercream-Filled is light and airy, packed with plenty of oxygen to cut through the sweetness.  The best of the best was the delicately seasoned Lavender Cake doughnut.  Not overly perfumed, which is often the case when dancing with the devil that is lavender, this chewy circle crumbles with veracious chomps as you try to use self restraint from downing it in one bite.

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From cake to custard filled you simply can’t go wrong with the perfect pairing of delicious dough and classic combinations.  With winter approaching we could all pack on a couple pounds to stay warm, and what better way to do that then with some delicious doughnuts from Bogart’s, so hit up their one of two locations in Minneapolis.


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