Hi …Lo….Let’s Go! Go Get Breakfast!


Looking for good inventive stick to your ribs Midwestern cuisine, well look no further than Minneapolis’ Hi-Lo Diner.  With classic staples such as flapjacks and Eggs Benedict as well as inventive creations called Hi-Tops, Hi-Lo brings quintessential diner fare into the 21st century.  Encrusted in classic diner steel lined dressing, this chrome chow institution pushes out some of the best food you will find in the Twin Cities.


The retro diner is adorned with the prototypical counter right inside that door way that is situated below draping Christmas tinsel and festive lights.  Classic white and metal table tops are dotted with blue upholstery, giving the interior a cool chill blue feel that really sparkles.  The main theme of Hi-Lo is accentuating the classics that we all love.  They do the traditional breakfast fare right.  Thick chunks of corned beef pepper their heavenly hash that is saddled with two oozing sunny-side up eggs and rich hollandaise.  The eggs benedict is done to perfection with smoky ham and the most luscious blanket of hollandaise.

The must order item on the menu is one of their many iterations of what they call Hi-Tops.  A Hi-Top is a giant doughnut that is topped with some sort of zany savory or sweet combination.  From duck confit to Korean short rib, the creations are inventive and addictive.  Their most popular offering is the Garry Cooper, which features crispy battered  fried chicken smothered in rich gravy and maple bourbon syrup.  The perfect combination of sweet and salty, which is sure to cure any hangover blues one might have.

Keeping those ambitious appetites satiated during those long chilling winters, the Hi-Top from Hi-Lo Diner should find its way atop the Minneapolis Mount Rushmore along with the Jucy Lucy and Hot Dish.  I don’t know which mad genius came up with such a diabolically delectable dish but that person deserves to be commended and perhaps even knighted.


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