Uncorking the Best Neighborhood Bar in New Jersey


Just across the Hudson river from Manhattan lies the booming hamlet of Hoboken, New Jersey.  Vastly expanding into a viable option for the young commuting professionals as well as a pit stop to the burbs for beginning families, it has seen massive growth recently.  Washington St serves as the primary artery, lined with flashy sports lounges and clothing chains.  It may be easy to miss the best kept secret in all of New Jersey if you never wander away from confectionery chaos of Carlos Bakery.  A block off the main drag you’ll find straddling the corner of 3rd and Bloomfield, Cork City PubWith a golden exterior beckoning you into a sumptuous saloon, the second you step through that door you are transported into the finest that global pubs have to offer.  Dark and embossed with rich wood stools and finishings this quaint space is set up for some prime drinking.  Brass banisters lay beneath the high sitting stools and chairs, giving the perfect ergonomic environment to down a few pints.  There is a television screen within the eye line of practically every seat in the house, providing ample sporting event viewing, not to mention the occasional live stream of Phish concerts.  With darts boards lining the back wall, a video arcade board, and Big Buck Hunter just within the doorway, there is ample recreational activities if you can’t occupy your time downing some tasty brews.


Incredibly welcoming ambience aside, the main draw of Cork City is the phenomenal beer selection and events they provide.  With 42 beers on tap and 6 on cask, there is truly a selection for everyone, from rare finds courtesy of Dogfish Head to basic Guinness.  Illuminated in front of you on plasma screen listing all the pertinent info for each beer, keeping you well informed.  There is also a wide selection of bottles and cans that the genuinely friendly and knowledgeable barkeeps can recommend for you.  With a dance card jam packed with weekly tap takeovers from some of the top breweries in the country (usually accompanied with free glassware and swag!) there are a few special events worth checking out.  First off is the yearly contest put on by Cork City to win a free trip out to the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado.  You sign up for The Great American Beer Challenge, get your frequent drinking card and for every beer you (or your friends if you put them on your tab, a little trick) you get points.  The points add up for monthly gift cards for top earners or for the coup de gras,  a trip out west in October to the mecca of the mash.  What adds to the Willy Wonka-esque joy of the contest is that every night there is a special mystery tap that earns more points as well as “Golden Ticket Bottles” that could skyrocket your total if you hit it big.  Aside from the contest my main two favorite events is the Pumpkinfest and IPA Smackdown.  For Pumkinfest they get some of the best and rare Pumpkin/fall beers  around for an exclusive night of gourd themed drinking.  The Smackdown is a bit different, taking 32 different IPA’s from around the country and creating a blind taste tournament, whittling the offers until there is solely one champion, that will remain on draft for the next year.

Looking to drink the heart out of the day, or simply just grabbing a few suds with the buds, you can’t find any better watering hole than Cork City.  They sadly do not serve any food, but welcome you to order in or bring some munchies with you.  So belly up to the bar, grab some pints and enjoy making some memories you will probably won’t remember come tomorrow morning.


One thought on “Uncorking the Best Neighborhood Bar in New Jersey

  1. Glad to see you shining a spotlight on one of the many great restaurants and brew pubs in New Jersey! Admittedly, I haven’t been to Cork City, but it sounds like a worth-while stop. If you ever get a chance, I can recommend some other great pubs in New Jersey — Amendment 21 in Pt. Pleasant Beach, Carolina Blue Smokehouse & Taproom in Pitman, and The Dog & Cask in Rochelle Park are some of my favorites, although it’s been quite a while! Anyway, keep up the great work — I look forward to seeing your next New Jersey-based write-up. For more ideas, check out http://www.visitnj.org/.

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