Thursday Throwback: Uptown by Prince **With Special Announcement**

Prince: Uptown

That’s right ladies and gentleman, we are taking American Appetite Uptown, to the Twin Cities for the weekend.  Our first venture out into the Midwest should provide for some killer articles coming up.  Home to some musical giants such as Prince, Bob Dylan, The Hold Steady, and The Replacements; not to mention the Coen Brothers, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Brock Lesner!!!!  It was a complete no brainer that when time came to pick a destination to explore off the east coast that the land of 10,000 lakes would be the first choice.  So make sure to contact me with any suggestions on places that need to be explored so I can check them out.

Big news number two is that it just so happens that Sunday night at the 7th Street Entry the one, the only, Kevin Devine  will be gracing the stage with the Goddamn Band.  Such fate must bestow a celebration or reward of some sort, so in your case I am rewarding all my readers with Kevin Devine Week!  Starting first thing Monday morning the daily music will be centered around Kevin Devine.  Every day I will also provide an anecdote or even maybe some media accompaniment to my 10+ years of fandom, and often stupidity.  Book ending the week I’ll be seeing Kevin Devine at Royale in Boston, MA to cap off what proves to be a memorable week.  Make sure to follow all the social media as I’ll be taking plenty of videos and pictures from the heart of the action.  For those of you who are fans I’m sure you will enjoy the next week, for those who have no clue who Kevin Devine is, get ready to be blown away by one of the most authentic, sweet, caring, intelligent, rocking mofo’s out there in the music game.

So we have a lot going on this coming week on the old American Appetite, get ready for a lot coming your way and enjoy!


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