Iron Curtain Cafe of Deliciousness


In the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, sent from Russia with love, you will find Dillinger’s , a top notch cafe serving up some truly scrumptious eats.  Along a mostly residential street, Dillinger’s sits behind large panes of glass, allowing for plenty of natural light to pour into its main dining area (there is a gorgeous patio in the back for the warmer months).  Often occupied with busy bee’s on their lap tops, the bright interior, separated from the doorway by a honeycomb bookshelf,  is bright and energetic with the most lovely tiled mosaic along the wall.  This all leads to the focal point being a large counter space that has numerous coffee contraptions and a salivating pastry case that screams out for a freshly baked croissant or scone courtesy of the Brooklyn heavyweight Dough.


While they offer a wide variety of traditional Russian savory eats for their lunch rush, the best part of their day is hands down the brunch options.  An ever changing black board of special toasts and breakfast bowls should be the main guide for your culinary journey back across the iron curtain.  A definite must have is whatever variety of breakfast bowl they have for the day, quinoa in this case.  The gregarious grains are tender yet still provide a toothsome chew, which serves as the perfect canvas to paint with other flavors such as the fragrant zaatar that it is peppered with.  Topped with some smoky griddled greens, woodsy mushrooms, a roassted tomato, and a unctuous fried egg, it makes for the perfect savory energy packed start to your day.  Oh ya, throw in the goat cheese for an added $2, it is cheese after all.


For a bit more of the sweet brunch options, the poppy seed parfait was sublimely impeccable.  I can honestly say there has never been a luckier bowl of Greek yogurt in the world, to have been adorned with such a sapid spread.  The house made granola was a crunchy collection of loose grains, poppy seeds, and large portions of crushed nuts that each brought their own distinct tastes that bounced to and fro across the tongue.    Rounding it all out was a fresh blueberry compote that brought the whole dish together in one pinnacle of parfait perfection.

If a hipster Ivan Drago ventured into Dillinger’s after a long training session, he would feel right at home with some classic Russian fare, not to mention the unique babushka china that the dishes are served on.  The only thing that he might break, would be his belt if he just couldn’t stop eating.

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