Whoa Mama, Check Out Those Noodles


Has the tryptophan finally worn off?  Have you finally taken all you can handle of left overs?  Do you wish the Pilgrims never landed on Plymouth Rock and created such a glutinous holiday of epic proportion?  Well now is a perfect time to switch gears and get a little Asian comfort food to quell that barraged belly.  Nothing says comforting homey food than a nice pile of Udon noodles in some steaming broth.  You will be hard pressed to find a place that does it better than Samurai Mama in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY.


Behind a bright red door curtain you will find a large and welcoming noodle heaven.  With private booths along the wall the main draw is the large communal table spearing right down the middle of the establishment.   In the back there is also a bar and more small tables but by far for experience sake I recommend grabbing a seat at the head table.  Very warm with walls and tables of darkly grained wood and metal accent pieces, such as the gorgeous light fixtures above the tables, set you at ease and ready to get your slurp on.


The menu itself is a perfect delight to both the novice and more advances culinary adventurer.  With appetizers such as the omnipresent edamame, however here it is a dazzling black color, and house made pickles, which are divine.  They also offer various sushi and Teppan yaki, however the main draw is their triple take on Udon.  You can get your house made incredibly tender Udon noodles served three different ways: in hot soup (Kake), dipping style  (Tsuke jil), or dump style (Bukkake).  Pretty self explanatory for the three but each has within themselves various options for you to choose from.  A big hit is the Kinoko tsukejil, which is the dipping style Udon served with the deepest, rich mushroom broth you will ever find around.  As you dip and slurp each noodle you are transported to Willy Wonka’s edible mushroom forest in the shadow on Mt. Fuji.  For the dump style a must get is the traditional Bukkake, which comes with a rich flavorful broth rife of umami, we chose that day to add two perfect tempura shrimp which were well worth it.  Also with the bukkake style you get crunchy tempura bits, scallions, seaweed, an unctuous poached egg; and all the accoutrements one would want with a pipping hot bowl of Japanese Udon noodles.


Overall, for a warm and fulfilling taste of some of the best Udon around you must head to Samurai Mama.  You might want to bring an extra shirt with you just in case if you happen to have a rather aggressive slurp.



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