Starlite, Starbright, Find Me Some Good Food Tonight at Trina’s.

Looking for a respite from all the hoards and the check out lines,  wanting a warm spot with tasty food to get out of the cold.  Head on over to the quaint watering hole Trina’s Starlite Lounge in Inman Square, Somerville, MA.  With a clean metallic  gastropub feel, the door opens up to the oft crowded stainless steel bar.  Stacked high with all the acuteemnts that a modern day mixologist needs, Trina’s boasts all the skills of a modern day libation haven with none of the pretense.  A small but varied beer selection has both quality craft offerings and bare bones American standards.  Situated just off the bar and past the steel name sake name plate, is the main dining area.  With a hip and homey feel, black wood panels line the wall featuring both tables and booths.  Overall it’s a great vibe for grabbing a quick bite or settling in for a long night with friends.

The food at Trina’s offer some great southern spins with a great variety of hearty stick to your ribs staples. An inventive pumpkin chowder is an epherial pleasure, with a silky smooth texture and hunks of crispy bacon the perkalate the taste buds.  It is more savory than the pumpkin pie spiced contemporaries, which is much more pleasing when kicking off your meal.  Whatever you do don’t miss out on the increadible fried chicken.  Moist and succulent meat is wrapped in a crunchy cocoon crust that adds a blend of herbs and spices that the colonel can’t touch. Cascade over that fine bird some of the spicy syrup that comes with it and you set it off right!  The sides with it aren’t to be trifled with either, having corn on the cob with Cajun butter and some sweet potato mash that cuts right through the rich chicken.

Overall, if you are looking for some updated comfort staples in a welcoming environment, look no further than Trina’s Starlite Lounge.


2 thoughts on “Starlite, Starbright, Find Me Some Good Food Tonight at Trina’s.

  1. Governor Chris Christie says:

    Can’t beat Trina’s hotdogs! I am guilty of having a few too many Trina dogs in my day. I would love to see some foodie write-ups in my home state of New Jersey! Check out for some great local ideas! Keep up the great work here!

    • Thanks for the feedback Governor Christie, we have had mentions of a few NJ establishments on the blog so far (M & P Biancamano in Hoboken for their amazing sandwiches), but per your request I’ll write up one for this week.

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