Friday Double Play: The National vs Death Cab for Cutie

Apparently the fellas in The National and Death Cab For Cutie got together for a a game of Mad Libs when it came to naming their songs.  “Ok start it off with a noun that starts with the letter G.  Next how about a designation for a through way. Matt Berninger, what do you have?”  “I have The Geese of Beverly Road.”  “Great, Ben Gibbard how about you?” “I have The Ghosts of Beverly Drive.”  What the titles may have been cut from the same cloth the songs themselves are very different.  Lyrically Death Cab takes the more storytelling narrative route while The National is always steeped in vague absurdity.  Musically the juxtaposition of layered clarinets with a punching drum beat for The Geese gives a soothing listen with just a bit of accented pace mixed in.  On the other side The Ghosts is propelled along with a humming guitar rift that carries the song along on an off beat drive.  I don’t know why Beverly is such a popular street but between all the gees and ghosts I’d stay clear during rush hour.

The National: The Geese of Beverly Road

Death Cab For Cutie: The Ghosts of Beverly Drive


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