Pregaming the big day: Turkey Terrific at Neillio’s


With Thanksgiving a day away, and turkey and the fixings pounding on the door ready to satiate you into a tryptophan tomb, why not give them a little taste and head out for the most delicious turkey sandwich this world has ever seen.  Over at Neillio’s  in Lexington, MA you will find a wide assortment of freshly prepared hot entrees, scrumptious soup and salads, not to mention a whole refrigerated section with goodies to take home.  Along the glass lined counter top you get to peer into giant pans of mashed potatoes, green beans, butternut squash, mac and cheese and so much more, but the main draw is a freshly roasted bird laying open ready to be sliced.

That turkey is the main component of what drives lines out the door.  By far the star of the show is their famous Turkey Terrific Sandwich.  It brings together the best that Thanksgiving has to offer.  A heaping pile of freshly carved turkey is placed in a crusty french baguette that has already been slathered with a generous smear of mayo.  On goes a heaping pile of the most fragrant and herbaceous stuffing which cozy rights up to it’s former cavernous kangaroo pouched keeper.  Topping it all off is some sweet and tangy cranberry sauce that cuts right through the richness that the mayo and turkey provide.

On Thanksgiving turkey dinners are notoriously heavy and lead to a much needed nap, but surprisingly at Neillio’s they are able to bring a little lightness with a world of flavor to get those taste buds ready for the main event tomorrow.  Head on over to Neillio’s whenever you get a little Thanksgiving cravings and they will sure set you right back down to the cornucopia lined table, well minus the drunken uncle ranting about how all lives matter.


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