Taste of the Authentic at Taqueria Mexico.


I will go to my grave with one sure fire adage that when it comes to Mexican cuisine, the more it looks like a hole in the wall the better it is.  Sure you can have the glitz and the glam and the brightly lit neon of the upscale Mexican chains that offer two for one margaritas and bottomless chips and salsa, but for the real deal look for a place a little worn, a little plain, and most of all a diverse crown preferably consisting of some Latinos.  Well for a true taste of the most delectable Mexican cuisine head on down a one way street with not much else around it to find Taqueria Mexico.  At

The interior is spare and simple with booths along the walls and tables in the middle.  The brightly painted interior vibrantly radiate which carries itself off the walls and throughout the meal with the vivid flavors.  Adorned on the wall are various sculptures, art work, and sombreros giving the room a more homey and authentic feel.While waiting to order the fine folks at Taqueria Mexico bring you over some tortilla chips and a partially picante basic tomato based fresh salsa that is bright as well as a smokey and fairly spicy chipotle salsa, perfectly accompanied by a few cerveza’s.

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For a little snack before your meal, I can’t recommend enough the Taquitos Dorados which features for flour tortillas filled with either chicken, or our case the most succulent barbacoa, that are then accompanied with sour cream and guacamole.  They are the perfect way to get into the south of the border mood and prep yourself for what is about to come.  As far as the menu is concerned you can get a combination of any number of different delicacies they have to offer.  From tacos, to enchiladas, to chili relleno, the combination platters they have seem almost endless.  With an endless array of possibilities I’ll narrow down for you some of the can’t miss items.  First and foremost the best thing in the entire restaurant and maybe even north of the Rio Grande is the mole sauce.  It is dark and deep with countless flavors working together having been simmered together into the silkiest blanket of the gods that covers whatever protein is lucky to lay beneath it.  Hints of cinnamon and chocolate are just two of the countless notes that hop all over your tongue as you pull out your CSI kit and try to decipher what all those magical flavors are.  So needless to say the mole is good.  Also worth trying hands down is the chicken enchilada, preferably in the green salsa.  The chicken is perfumed with cumin and cilantro, perfectly rolled up and doused with a tangy while not too spicy green chili sauce that combines together perfectly with the chicken.  Not to be overlooked as well are the impeccable refried beans that accompany almost every dish.


Bursting with true authentic Mexican food, Taqueria Mexico might not appear to be as classed up as some of the chains mere streets away but it has food that can’t be beat.  I expect peeking into the kitchen would be like sticking a camera in an abuelita convention in Puebla, it sure tastes that way.


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