Friday Double Play: Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard

Break ups can be incredibly difficult when you are just a normal Joe off the street, let alone a mega celebrity whose life is lived out in the public eye.  Such was the case when indie super couple called it splits in 2012.  When Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel got together the collective world of awkward quirky eccentrics rejoiced in a Say Anything-esque victory for the hopeless romantics.   A short two years later the couple was no more and Gibbard was on his way back to Seattle after his brief relocation to LA.  With both having a gigantic mouthpiece to their soul, by way of their musical careers, it was only a matter of time before the world got to hear all about the downfall of their love.

Deschanel along with her partner in She & Him M.Ward released Shadow of Love which is a much more vague interpretation of a failed relationship.  With the classic retro vibe that the pair live in, Shadow of Love offers up a lonesome almost cowboyesque sullen tale of love life lived in the shadow that unfortunately would never get the color it needed to survive.  Ben Gibbard and the fellas in Death Cab for Cutie went for a far more vivid and telling story of their breakup.  Painting a picture of heartbreak Los Angeles style, Gibbard drives his point home about how fame drove a wedge between the couple with the piercing chorus of “Was I in your way, when the cameras turned to face you, no room in frame for two.”  It is always a sad day when two crazy kids can’t make it work, but bright side is that at least we got some great music out of it.

She and Him: Shadow of Love

Death Cab for Cutie: No Room in Frame


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