Thursday Throwback: Anything, Anything by Dramarama

Dramarama: Anything, Anything

As a child born in 1986 I had never heard of Dramarama, who broke up when I was the ripe old age of 8, in my life until I watched the short lived VH1 show Band Reunited.  For those unfamiliar the show attempted to ambush members of prominent one hit wonder bands (for the most part) of the 80’s and convince them to reunite for atleast a one off show.  Dramarama was one of a small handful of bands that actually all agreed to reunite, and beyond that they decided to get back together and release a new album.  While I can’t speak to the worthiness of their reconnected work, Anything, Anything is as classic an 80’s song as you can get.  The driving beat combined with lyrics of luxurious yearning paint a vivid picture of the lengths one would go to secure their love.  The beat and main guitar rifts are similar to an upbeat Cure with the nasally vocals are pure 80’s new wave screech.  Overall it is such an addictive song I asked Santa for it for Christmas, even if the rest of the album didn’t live up to the single.


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