Why do hipsters hate covering their ankles?

It probably speaks to more identity issues that I might have, but I am a self identifying hipster.  Go down the check list: beard (check), throwback glasses (check), obsession with beet juice (check), Brooklyn apt (check), know about this band back when they were like really small before anyone ever heard or knew about them and totally saw them in a basement with like 5 other people (checkity check).  The fact that I self identify as a hipster is the least hipster part of my personality.  But one thing I will never understand or for the most part embrace is the lack of ankle coverage.  

Being born with weak ankles and as all the coolest kids in middle school reminded of me daily, was pigeon footed.  I was always adverse to any shoe that didn’t provide some semblance of ankle support.  The high top shoe was the only friend my ankles had for a large swath of my life.  That combined with the brief summer I tried out the low ankle socks that was all the craze when the Adidas shell toes made it’s cyclical orbit back into the fashions of children.  The skin I lost on my achilles for those months would had served Buffalo Bill three fold for his fashion line.  Ever since those glory days, for both shoes and socks its high ankle or no go, however my culture is strictly on the opposite side of the aisle.  Go stalking the streets of Bushwick, crashing the bars off Jefferson, or underground concert lofts near Morgan and you will have never seen soo many naked talocrural joints in your life.  

I wish it was something I understood or could even mildly support but I simply can’t.  I guess in reality I must just be the King of Hipsters because I am way to cool to just let anyone look at my ankle.  Ya that was like 2 years and 3 subway stops ago.


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