Not Just your Belly: Eating with your Whole Heart


Weeks can be very cyclical.  On Monday and Tuesday you feel the shame and guilt over the gluttonous behavior that you may have partaken in over the weekend.  You stick to your juice cleanses and hitting the gym, and promise yourself never again; well at least not until 5pm Friday.  Wednesday in my cycle is always the day I feel the best about myself.  I’ve been going hard at the gym for a few day, eating as healthy as you can get, and finally my body has begun purging itself of all the sludge I amassed.  Wednesday is the day that I feel like the marathon running vegan that I will never be, yet try to emulate in some semblance of my life.  That is where a delicious and healthy veggie-centric meal always comes into play.  There is no better place to get a healthy, nutritious, plant based, mouthwatering meal than at Whole Heart Provisions .


An all Vegan menu is usually enough to scare away the novice gourmand, however this isn’t your typical dehydrated kale jerky we are talking about here.  While they have tantalizing Street Food Snacks, such as Crispy Old Bay Brussels and Street Corn with mayo, lime, and Korean chili flake; the main draw at Whole Heart is their Signature Bowls.  All their bowls start out with a base of jasmine rice, house pilaf, arugula, or marinated kale and from their you can either select one of their expertly curated combinations or simply make your own.


First up we went with the predesignated Viet Style Bowl on a bed of the house pilaf.  The broccoli and green beans were charred to bring out the most pleasing of smoky notes, while the peanut crumble and dressing ramped up the nutty characteristics that almost threw out a Pad Thai vibe.  The cured tomatoes and smashed cucumbers added another dimension of South East Asian cookery with senses of the freshness accompanied by a papaya salad, or the best Bahn Mi accompaniments.  Overall it was a solid combinations giving the best of various styles of cooking, from charred, to roasted, to cured, to straight smashed homey.


Next up we tried our hand at making out own expert creations.  Starting out with a bed of the delicately pungent marinated kale, with hints of sweetness cut through by a slight vinegar dressing.  Selections further included edamame, bulgogi style beets, shaved brussels sprouts, and was topped with crispy chickpeas.  The bulgogi style beets were meaty and musty, but in the most enticing marinated meat sort of way.  The edamame and shaved brussels were fresh and bare to serve as a conduit for the creamy harissa dressing slathered on top.  Hands down the star of the show for me was the crispy chickpeas.  They were unbelievably crispy, almost to the extent of crackling popcorn texture, with a Turkish tasting spice dusting on top of them.  Far surpassing croutons forever in my eyes with be the textural crunch and taste of those magic balls of crust.


Don’t let the healthy aspect of Whole Heart Provisions scare you away, they still pack all the flavor that a meat lovers delight would.  You leave satiated and feeling a little bit happier, feeling almost guilty like you got away with something.  You were able to have your cake and eat it too, well if your cake was a seitan base with roasted edamame, actually screw that I’ll stick to just the Signature Bowls at Whole Heart Provisions.


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