Chain Reaction: Umami Burger


Coming from the West Coast with that mysterious fifth taste is the fast casual wunderkind at Umami Burger . Offering some top not burger creations to the populous of New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, and all along the California coast at their now 24 locations.  We took to one of their newer locations in the heart of bustling Williamsburg, Brooklyn to check out how this small chains patties stack up.


First up were the Asian inspired Umami Wings.  Full chicken wings, tips included, tender and succulent covered with a sweet tangy soy based sauce that was so appealing it left us gnawing at the nubs after the meat was all gone.  A word to the wise for the bearded or slop-aphobic people out there, the sauce is extremely sticky so I would recommend a trip to the bathroom for a little face washing in between courses.


For the main show we went with two different burgers, first was the Truffle Burger.  While it wasn’t much to look it, it certainly packed a wallop of flavor through its multiple layers of overloaded truffleocity.  The house truffle cheese and truffled aioli combined to make a sort of Frankensteinish cheese whiz like condiment.  It had the taste of the most upscale whiz with any Philly fan could dream of.  The truffle glaze coated the burger giving an extra punch of flavor to the meltingly tender burger patty that dissipated under the softest of mastication.  Overall it lacked a certain counterbalance to any earthly flavor other than that which the porcine pursue, but if you are a truffle addict like me you would be in heaven.


The other option we ordered was the Sunny Side Burger, which also came with the addition of plenty of truffled accoutrements in the form of a truffle thyme compound butter, truffled arugula, as well as the aforementioned truffle aioli.  Where things really changed was with the other two burger building blocks in the form of an oozing sunny side up egg and crisp Parmesan frico.  The tactile difference between the two added a great textural counterbalance that is much needed when it comes to battling with a soft bun and tender burger.  The salty crunch of the frico added the most pleasing snap that broke up the soft yet toothsome egg and burger.

Overall both burgers were packed with gigantic flavor, if you are truffle adverse I would definitely stay away from the obviously named Truffle Burger, while the subtlety of the Sunny Side is acceptable to the casual palate.  On the whole Umami Burger is a great addition to the fast casual burger joints that seem to be sweeping the nation, and this Asian inspired truffle trove seems to right at the top.



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