Dynamite Deli: Mamaleh’s


It seems like every other day there is a new restaurant, bar, or pharmaceutical company popping up in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.  The days of business parks being catered by Monday-Friday sandwich churners are long in the rear view.  Areas such as Kendall Sq are taking the time to invest in creating a true symbiotic community between large forward thinking corporations and top notch watering holes and gastro-destinations (new word just made up).  It makes sense for these companies who want to draw top talent to incentivize every possible aspect of their future employs lives, including scrumptious lunches and post work eats.  With that advantageous relationship many great restaurant have moved on in and one such superb eatery is Mamaleh’s .


Mamaleh’s serves as both a great sit down as well as booming take out business, offering both classic and re-imagined Jewish delicatessen staples.  The interior is sleek and modern with clean white tile and big bright windows allowing for natural sunlight to pour in and reverberate off the walls. Heaping matzo balls fill up soup bowls, while tongue spills out of rye bread.  The pastrami is toothsome yet tender with a perfectly peppered crust, balancing nicely with the brined bovine.  A spin on a classic sandwich that was a godsend was the Mushroom Rachel.  A Rachel for those who don’t know is a Reuben that supplements the sauerkraut for coleslaw. At Mamaleh’s they smoke king mushrooms until they resemble the forest in the most delicious earthy way.  The smokey mushroom intertwines superbly with the creamy coleslaw, Russian dressing, and nutty Swiss.  Toasted rye holds a crunch to all the tender gooeyness encompassed between.

Overall Mamaleh’s is a phenomenal spot if you are looking for some great traditional Jewish deli fare, or if you want to take a little step outside the box.


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