Beer of the Week: DIPA from Aeronaut Brewing Company


Hidden away down in alley way in Somerville, MA is quirky Aeronaut Brewing Company .  A rising force in the ever expanding Boston craft beer scene, this warehouse brewery provides some top notch entertainment not to mention high class beers.  For those who merely can’t be entertained with good beer and conversation they have board games and a giant projection screen connected to some killer throwback video games for the inbibers merriment.

But by far the main attraction is the expertly crafted beer.  From decadently chocolate noted Bourbon Barell Aged Imperial Stouts, to a pantheon of rare beer styles such as the smoky and sour Lichtenheinerweisse; much like the flavor the name is a mouthful.

What Aeronaut is really doing well recently is getting deep into heavily hopped IPA’s and Double IPA’s, and their less potent session breatheren.  It is their Double IPA the creatively named DIPA that earns our highly coveted Beer of the Week!  At 7.6% alc it sits right in that double sweet spot of the perfect balance of alcohol and bitter hops that make for an idealistic New England style IPA.  Beyond the delicious taste of the very evenly balanced beer, what makes the DIPA special is that it is part of a program called Ales for ALS, where $1 from every beer goes toward ALS research.  It is a national campaign that I recommend everyone try to check out a brewery near by that supports them Ales for ALS . So raise a glass at Aeronaut, the perfect place to help out a great cause while helping out your own lack of sobriety.


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