Tuesday New Music: Bad Catholics by The Menzingers

The Menzingers: Bad Catholics

Well hot damn we have a new The Menzingers album coming our way in February.  They released this new cut off their new album and it holds true to form for what we have been hearing from them recently.  A great pop tinged chorus with bright guitars that play accompaniment to a strong narrative lyric that connects a faded relationship of old through reconnection at a church function.  While not overtly religious it more uses Catholicism as a vehicle for social engagements and the inherent guilt that comes along with the vices one might take part on.  Overall if this is a accurate representative of the rest of the album get used to continued success from The Menzingers.

Lyric to look for: “Wouldn’t you guess the only thing we had to fear, Would be flashing their lights in the rear view mirror, This time they got us, It’s all over now”


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