Top 5 Aspects of Daylight Saving Time


With Daylight Saving Time fall back this past weekend I figured that we would take a look at the best 5 aspects of shifting those clocks back.

5. An Extra Hour at the Bar.– For nighthawks like myself an extra hour to drink and squeeze in one more drunken rendition of The Killers All These Things That I’ve Done at your local Karaoke/Metal bar is a desperately sought after commodity.  Particularly in cities and towns that have early last calls, the extra hour can be a much relished perk when the weather turns a bit colder and people need a little extra liquid warmth before heading out into that cold good night.

4. More Time to Tend to the Crops– This is for all of the big farming contingent who religiously read American Appetite.  I see you folks out there on your tractor in your overalls and you are thoroughly appreciated.

3. Less Chance of Getting Mugged: With less sunlight to illuminate the hours of your day people are less likely to just be wandering around aimlessly.  There might be more shadows for people to lurk in, but the jokes on them because statistically people are less apt to be outside in the dark; who would had ever guessed?

2. You Get to Enjoy the Trudges of Joe Vs the Volcano.- Stuck in a monotonous job that bores you to death, GREAT NEWS, now when you head into the office it will be as pitch black as when you leave at night.  Those few precious hours of sunlight now can be sucked away or savored by stupid Jerry from Accounting who has a god damn office with a window, even though he totally doesn’t deserve it.  Nothing helps ease you on into seasonal depression quite like the disappearance of sunlight in your life.

1. The Weekend Starts that Much Sooner– Well not really, but psychologically getting set to go on a Friday night can happen a little sooner if the sun is already down.  The great cliche of all time “it’s five o’clock somewhere” becomes a little more palatable if the twilight of the evening has beset upon the world.  If the moody blues and burning oranges of sunset can be seen, the night and in Friday’s case weekend, is ready set upon us.  Atleast that is what I tell myself.

Enjoy the benefits of “falling back” before all of that gets reversed and we curse the day we have to lose an hour of sleep due to some fictional marketing scheme cooked up by a WWI energy conservationist, ya it wasn’t Ben Franklin.


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