Iggy’s Bread of the World: No Loafing Around


Hidden down a side street, back behind all the retail shops and strip malls of the Fresh Pond neighborhood of Cambridge, MA you will find Iggy’s Bread of the World .  For years Iggy’s has been supplying restaurants and farmers markets with their in-breadable (see what I did there) baked goods.   Having formerly having store fronts in Watertown and Marblehead, Iggy’s a few years ago moved into a state of the art facility hidden down behind what will always be know to me as the Ground Round rotary in a neighborhood of business parks and condo developments.  While it has always been an omnipresent staple of the Boston food scene, being in specialty stores and even some super markets, the failure to sustain a brick and mortar establishment has always given me the impression that they were a wayward gypsy baking outfit.  Forever to be a supplier to other markets and not sustain their own.  However things could not be more different at their headquarters where there are walls of countless loaves and cases of some of the finest pastries around.

A brown wall of deliciousness greets you as you enter the main entrance.  A multitude of whole wheat and sourdough varieties grace the basket-lined wall, harking you in for a carbo overload.  Since a young child the Iggy’s varieties of Ficelle have been a staple of my household.  A slender soft baguette that is adorned with a multitude of toppings  from sweet caramelized rings of onion to sesame seeds to simply salt, each type has their own merit however do not miss the opportunity to snag an onion one.  An eye catching offering for sure are the giant wheels of Francese rolls.  Approximately two feet in diameter, this grouping of crusty sop worthy rolls is the perfect addition to immensely popular soup parties that are sweeping the nation by storm.


Aside from their breads, Iggy’s also has a wide assortment of pastries to be scrumptiously scoured.  Fine Parisian patisserie is at work here by way of the sweet dough creations that adorn the class counter top.  Two can’t miss items for sure are the sweet and gooey sticky buns, which is soft and tender but with a crunchy nutty top, as well as the phenomenal almond croissant.  The buttery flaky crunch gives way to the smoothest and nutty almond paste that gives the most balanced wholesome flavor.  Both are an expertly prepared way to start any day.  Beyond the breakfast treats they do have an offering of premade sandwich that feature their crusty creations.  Heaps of mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil stuff these delectable grab and go phenoms.


Next time you are in the hunt for some globally grained bread, head no further than to Iggy’s Bread of the World.  From the countless options to their expertly crafted mainstays, all they offer would be the perfect addition to any sandwich, sunk into a bowl of soup, or smeared with the finest cheese or jams you could ever find.  Think globally, eat locally, as long as it is as good as Iggy’s is.


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