Friday Double Play : West Coast by FIDLAR & Coconut Records

Coconut Records: West Coast / FIDLAR: West Coast

Two different takes from born and bread left coasters give two different varied perspectives and feels to life on the Pacific Coast.  Jason Schwartzman’s solo endeavor in Coconut Records speaks to the longing for a lover to return back to a place of home and solace on the west coast with him.  The steady mellow delivery hearkens thoughts of a beach sunset with a faint Phoenix record off in the distance.  His sadness and lustful desire fold into his wounded wandering back home.  On the opposite flip of the coin the skate punks in FIDLAR speak to the desire to get out and escape their mundane suburban rhetoric.  Fed up with school, life, social situations, they speak to the need to escape whether it be physically up the coast or merely just getting to the weekend to be able to mellow their worries and dissolve from problems.  The frantic fuzz and beat solidifies the bands necessity to get out quick and stop wasting away while getting wasted.  Both songs perfectly lend visions of what it means to both need to get away and get back to that familiar place we call home.

Coconut Records




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