What Your Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Says About You.

Within a dorm room or around an office water cooler at this very second there is a debate raging.  A rage that has burned for many moons and will continue to break apart friendships and split up families.  I myself have felt the strain on a relationship when this very topic has emerged in a compromised crowd.  That very polarizing question is: Who is the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?  Wow, what a highly divisive question.  Feel no fear, for I am here to break down what each Turtle says about who you are as a person; a TMNT Horoscope of sorts.


Leonardo: You enjoy order and routine in your life.  A natural leader you like to make firm decisions and always have a plan.  While not completely bubbling over with personality you are capable to have a good time, albeit reserved.  You are the true Alpha in any group you walk into and always lead by example.


Donatello: You are an intellectual and natural problem solver.  With a more docile personality you are more adept at being a peace keeper in situations, but if need be you aren’t afraid to kick some ass to get your point across.  While not the goofball of the group you enjoy being quite comical and like to make people think.


Michelangelo: You are a goofy free spirit.  Always viewing life in a positive light, you epitomize the phrase young at heart.  Always ready at the willing with a joke or impression to lighten the mood, other people may take that as an immaturity, but they are a Raphael so who cares about them anyways.


Raphael: You are a psychopath.  Moody and bitter you take your horrible attitude out on those around you and often get yourself into worse situations.  Being a malcontent is the only place you feel comfortable in your shell.  So go harsh everyone else’s buzz because that’s the only way to make you happy.

So there you have it, next time you find yourself in this debate now you can rightfully judge the person based on their choice, and be self assured in yours.  Especially if you have a far advanced intellect compared to the slovenly masses with whom you converse.



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