Wednesday Live: American Hearts by Piebald

Piebald: American Hearts

Those indie bad boys from Andover, Mass killed it in what was supposed to be their final show of all time, they have since reunited many times over.  I drove all the way from western New York to be in attendance for one of the most influential Boston indie bands of the late 00’s last night on stage.  Live from the Middle East Downstairs in Central Square, Cambridge, MA the club was raging the entire set.  From the second they stepped on stage with their driving King of the Road the energy and singing never let up.  By the time Piebald made it to the last song of the night the crowd was ready to explode and that’s just what happened when the lead singer Travis gave away his guitar duties grabbed the mic and hopped into the crowd.  Family and friends flooded the stage and the band became one with the fans truly embodying the words of their most prominent song. This might not be the best quality performance but from perspective of someone who was there, it is a perfect culmination to what at that point was one hell of a career.  After all they said it best “Hey You’re Part of It!


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