Top 5 Halloween Costumes from my childhood.


5. Jason/Hockey mask guy


While I don’t have any photographic proof of this costume, it was my go to when creativity waned and being cool became a priority in middle school.  When trick or treating meant going to the best neighborhoods for candy and where cool chicks you stared at in Social Studies class would be.  It was an easy costume too, grab a hoodie and the $5.99 plastic goalie mask you had laying around in your parents decorations.  Spooky and cool, just what a hip young ginger like myself was all about.

4. Spiderman


What kid doesn’t want to be Spiderman growing up? What kid doesn’t want to be able to see where he is walking and walk directly into doors, trees, other people because the eye holes are directly on the side of the mask instead of where humans eyes are.  Thank god for my spidey sense keeping me alive.

3. Bag Man


Some heroes wear capes, some hide their identity behind a mask, some heroes emerge from the shadows when the local supermarket bag boy asks paper or plastic.  Bag man was the definite article when it came to fighting crime, the future was meek for things that needed to be carried and school books that needed to be covered.

2. Hobo


Nothing says adorable children’s Halloween costume quite like a homeless, bearded, drunkard.   Apparently I wasn’t giving off the vagrant look enough I needed some white makeup to truly make my self look more of the verge of being found face down in a rail road cistern.

1. Ninja


Give a child a costume that comes with nun-chucks and you can never lose.  I literally wore this same outfit 3 years in a row until my huskier self couldn’t fit into my sleek stealthy pajamas.  Also, pro tip even though the costume was really a generic ninja costume I told everyone I was Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, automatic street cred.



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