Halloween Candy Draft : A child’s first lesson in Diplomacy


No one wants milk duds, sorry but someone had to say it.  So what happens when you end your night of doing the rounds and have a pillowcase full of an assortment of confectionery treats?  You haggle and barter your way into the largest KitKat deposit this side of the Mississippi.  The leg work on Halloween of going door to door and accumulating all your candy capital is only the preview to the true onslaught that happens when you get it all dumped and sorted.  Glancing at how many fun sized Snickers are in your reserve to hopefully entice a compatriot to make piece with their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  This is where the leaders of tomorrow are truly made; the future boardroom CEO, Supreme Court Justice, 7th place contestant on American Idol.  Hiding closest to the vest your true passions and needs while trying to turn two boxes of Dots into the lone Payday, just to package that together with some loose Starbursts for a Butterfinger to be named later.  It is in this gladiators battleground that a child learns how to make the most of their position to get what they need while convincing their opponent that ending up with four Smarties opposed to seven 3 Musketeers is somehow a victory.  It is this life lesson that can not be underappreciated on tonight, All Hallow’s Eve.


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